Live Love by Jennifer Lopez

In the Live line from the Jennifer Lopez fragrance collection, there is Live, Live Luxe and Live Platinum. Now comes the loving addition in February 2018.

Made to represent the intensity of love between two people, this fragrance is sparkling and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Packaged in the same Live bottle as the other three in the line, it’s a bright red shade this time and has a metal strawberry as its charm. Hung around the neck of the bottle, the strawberry is pink and glittered.

The top is a fruity cocktail of bergamot, strawberry and grapes.

The heart is a lovely rose, lemon blossom & cherry flower.

The base is a party of vanilla, amber, white chocolate and woody notes.



Blushing Wonderstruck:

In the Wonderstruck line by Taylor Swift, there is the original Wonderstruck, Enchanted Wonderstruck and (Fanmade) Sparkling Wonderstruck.

Now comes the fourth Wonderstruck fragrance, Blushing Wonderstruck. (In some countries, it’s called Valentine Wonderstruck)

The bottle is the same as all the other Wonderstruck bottles, this time it is a dark pink colour and the top is a lighter pink colour, as is the writing on the bottle and the charms are that colour too.

The charms themselves are a heart, a ladybug and a rose.

The perfume’s top notes are a super romantic cupcake, white chocolate and pink icing. The middle is a enchanting rainbow sorbet and candy floss and the bottom/drydown is a soothing vanilla and grapefruit blossom.

This perfume will be released around the Valentine period of 2014.

Killer Queen: Valentine’s Day Edition:


For the Valentine’s Day season only, a limited edition of Katy Perry’s popular fragrance Killer Queen is released as a 50ml bottle only.
The bottle is this time a deep pink shade and the cap matches Killer Queen’s.
The scent is more simple than any of the other Killer Queen perfumes, with it only having five notes to it.
In no particular order the notes in this new perfume are: honeysuckle, grapefruit, candied strawberries, dark chocolate and musk.
There is also a 250ml shower available for the same amount of time as the fragrance itself.


Purr: Valentine’s Day Edition.

Katy Perry welcomes a limited time only version of her cat fragrance collection, with pervious ones are Purr (original), Meow and (last two fan made) Roar and Hiss.

The bottle is a deep red shade with light red eyes and a collar, that’s the same colour of the eyes and has a small ‘K’ for Katy attached to it.

The top notes of this perfume is red berries, the middle notes are raspberry, vanilla and white chocolate. The base is rose and red wine.

This perfume will only be available during February and is available in body gel, a rollerball and is in 100ml only.