Hits of 2013: Part 1

Please note that this is a pre-written post. I have a very important announcement to make on Sunday.

10: How Ya Doin? by Little Mix

Usually, I’d be in my family’s main car, reading a magazine and this would always come on the radio. I have such great memories tied to this track, it was their third single off of their first ever album (which turns five this year!) and it’s my second favourite song off of it!

9: Get Lucky by Daft Punk

I think this song sums up everything hot and energetic about the summertime itself, it suits the time of the year so perfectly. The album this came off of, was Daft Punk’s first in EIGHT years! But this lead track certainly makes the wait worth it!

8: Change Your Life by Little Mix

My very favourite girl-band’s second appearance on this list, this song highlights the struggle that many people have to go through in their lives, and gives them and everybody else listening, lyrics to motivate and inspire them. Powerful song and my favourite off of their first album!


Hits of 2012: Part 4

And my number one song of the year 2012 is……………………….

1: Red by Taylor Swift.

Released off of her album of the same name, the lyrics are artistic and creative. The actual music behind these arty lyrics, mixes with them perfectly and beautifully.

I loved this song when Taylor first released it, and I still love it today. That’s why its number one of my hits of 2012 list.

Hope you enjoyed this list, my 2013 hits list is on its way!

Hits Of 2012: Part 3

4: Wings by Little Mix

I’ve loved these four since X Factor! Their debut single after the group’s winner’s cover, this song did VERY well for itself on the charts. The whole track is upbeat, fresh and has some really empowering and encouraging lyrics for anybody who listens to this song. These wings are made to fly!

3: Chasing The Sun by The Wanted

Club track and on the soundtrack for Ice Age: The Meltdown, The incredibly strong and powerful chorus is the best part of this song. It’s fun, summery and just wants to make you have a good time! The Wanted made some REALLY good songs!

2: Euphoria by Loreen

This track won the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and was a huge chart topping hit in Sweden! This will probably sound strange, but I feel slightly magical and festive when I play this song. You kind of do get a euphoria from this track!

Hits Of 2012: Part 2

7: Feel The Love by John Newman

This song is so easy to sing along and it’s one of my personal karaoke classics. I think of hot summery days in my garden when I hear this!

6: 30 Days by The Saturdays

I remember going on evening drives to all the different beaches that we had back when we lived in Scotland, and I played this song during them. It brings back such beautiful memories to me and that’s why it’s on this list!

5: Titanium by David Guetta and Sia

There’s such a good and important message to this song, about getting back up when knocked down, and being stronger than titanium itself during good and bad times alike. It’s in my all-time favourite songs!

Hits of 2012: Part 1

10: Diamonds by Rihanna

Rihanna sings beautifully on this romantic ballad. There’s some great visual representations in the music video for this song and one thing’s for sure, I always get chills at the very beginning of this track!

9: Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris

Wow this song makes me feel a mixture of good emotions, happy, passionate and upbeat are among those emotions. This song’s chorus is undoubtedly my favourite part of it!

8: We Are Young by Fun

The title (and bandname) say it all for this track! There’s a simple message behind the song, very easy lyrics. I really like how there’s nothing about this track that’s too complicated!

Hits of 2011: Part 4

And my number 1 song of 2011 is……………

1: Louder. Dj Fresh & Sian Evans

I think of that summer when I hear this song, its high energy, danceable and just made for a good time and fun! It was a close call between this and the others on this list, but Louder beat them out to become my top song of 2011!

It’s the end of my hits of 2011 list, I’ll start my 2012 list soonish and in the meanwhile, be sure to google all the names of the songs on the list if you aren’t already heard them!

Hits Of 2011:

4: With Ur Love. Cher Lloyd & Mike Posner

I think it is an incredibly innocent song, with such sweet lyrics about first loves and being on top of the world with love. Fourth place definitely deserves this amazing song!

3: On The Floor. Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull

Entering the top three with this HUGE hit from 2011. This a great club track and good for parties. I have a perfume from Jennifer called L.A Glow, that makes me think of this song when I wear it!

2: What a Feeling. Alex Gaudino & Kelly Rowland

Oh wow I used to dance in my back garden in Scotland to this song, it was the most played song on my Ipod that summer and I’ll always remember having fun in outside when I hear this song!


Hits of 2011: Part 2

7: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

This is a great summer bopper and it reminds of going on holidays and going to the beach. The chorus is SO infectious and that makes it great for dancing along to!

6: Without You by David Guetta & Usher

I like how meaningful the lyrics are and how the beat itself is so fun. Removing the lyrics, it’s poppy music and deserves a place on this list!

5: Party Rock Anthem by IMFAO

PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT. EVERYBODY JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME. AND WE GON MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR MIND. The lyrics are memorable and this is sure to get everyone  out on the dance floor!

Hits Of 2011: Part 1

10: Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera: This song’s lyrics are EXTREMELY catchy and easy to sing along. The chorus is my favourite part of this pop track, most definitely, very fun and so dancey. This song akes me think of all things summery, parties and bounciness.

9: Take A Chance On Me by JLS: This ballad is so good and very feathery. Released not long after their hit ‘She Makes Me Wanna’, I do remember when this came out and I always think of Christmas 2011 when I hear this, as the radios played this a lot over that Christmas period!

8: All About Tonight by Pixie Lott: I played this dance track CONSTANTLY when it first came out, it’s poppy, got an amazing chorus and I still love today. I’ve spent the last five years bopping away to this in the car!


For the next few days, I’m going to be revealing my favourite songs of a particular year.

From the years 2011-2016, I’ll be counting down my top ten favourites of that years.

This will either be on Mondays or Wednesdays, so I have time to write the top tens down. I’m really excited to be share my favourites with you guys, I’m also looking forward to going down memory lane as most of the songs bring me back to some really happy places.

Wednesday Rose. x x x x