Review of Escada’s Agua Del Sol

I worked so hard to get this perfume, as I only found out about it at the beginning of this year, the summer after it was released! I eventually got a hold of it and it is worth every single penny that I paid!

In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (One of my favourite book series!), there is a made up ice cream brand called ‘Peachy Breeze’. This is what it would probably smell like if it were a real thing, it’s very fresh, so juicy, with a hint of sweetness! As well as the strongest note of peach, there’s a couple of interesting things in this summery fragrance.

In the background, I can smell ‘Asian Pear Ice Cream’, quite sweet and almost good enough to eat!

There’s also ‘Frozen Raspberry Sorbet’ in this, I don’t pick that up as much as the pear and the peach, I get slight whiffs of berries towards the end. There is also Pink Pepper in this fragrance, giving it a bit of sensualness without being overpowering.



Review Of Honey by Marc Jacobs:

I have (And Love!) Dot by Marc Jacobs, so I figured that I would love the sister to this fragrance, Honey.

The bottle is possibly one of my favourite bottles by Marc Jacobs, Dot was themed around ladybugs and Honey is centred around bees and I love how the yellow is a very vibrant shade and the little bee butterflies are just super adorable!

Onto the smell, the notes contain mandarin orange and pear in the top, the middle contains fruit punch, peach nectar, orange blossom and honeysuckle. The base is honey, vanilla and various woods.

When you first spray this, you get the fruit punch and mandarin mixing together, creating a very juicy scent. It reminds me of a cocktail that you get at summer parties.

Later, the peach nectar is really there and so sweet, but the woods are present as well. The actual honey of this perfume, doesn’t make an appearance until the very end, ironically.

This is definitely one for the summer and it could be a signature!



Review Of Britney Spears’s Midnight Fantasy


I love LOVE the original fantasy, on my skin it’s a yummy little vanilla cupcake with pink fluffy icing. Now, I’ve purchased the fantasy for the night, Midnight Fantasy.

First off, the bottle is WONDERFUL. I’m sure this was intended when it was made but the deep blueness of the bottle reminds of the sky on a clear night and the gems going all around the bottle remind me of stars!

The notes for this include freesia, orchid, vanilla, black cherries and plums and most definitely, it’s the plum and the cherry that mix together perfectly to dominate this scent.

This fruits last quite a while, when later on, the freesia and musk kinda blend like the plum and the cherry did before it. When a little bit later, it ends with a sweet vanilla.

Review Of Britney Spears’s Fantasy Perfume:

Vanilla cupcakes are very much a childhood thing for me, I’ve always loved classic baking (I’m a big fan of The Great British Bake Off!).
I heard that Britney Spears’s perfume ‘Fantasy’ smelt like a cupcake and I decided to check it out.
I got this as a gift the other day and it’s a very warm vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing throughout the scent. Kiwi is definitely there, maybe as sprinkles on the cupcake! I think the cupcake is also joined by a glass of quince juice.
All in all, Fantasy is very much a lovely kind of gourmand fragrance, it’s September at the time of this review but winter days sound like a good time to wear this!

DKNY Electric Citrus Pulse Review:

When I heard about the DKNY Electric series, I was super excited to as the notes on all three sounds delicious on Fragrantica. I was even more ecstatic when they came on the Boots website in Ireland.

My family went to Westport (that’s a town in Mayo) and we picked up Citrus Pulse and I’m quite glad we did, because the next week, all three were nowhere to be found.

Onto the smell and the name explains it all, it’s quite a juicy nectarine, orangey, almost mangoy smelling fragrance. Perfect for hot days when we get them here in Ireland.

The bottle is so eye catching, with its bright orange lid, which is one of two (Maui Fantasy is the other one) I take off to smell the atomizer because it’s just that good!

Review of Live By Jlo

Once upon a time in the magical county of Mayo in Ireland, I went to the drugstore to buy a DKNY perfume (I did buy the originally planned DKNY later on, review hopefully on its way) when the bottle caught my eye. It’s official, my dressing table was missing something before I purchased this fragrance, it looks perfect!

Back to the drugstore and after I saw the bottle I thought to myself ‘I’ll sniff it before I buy the DKNY one’…. Love at first sniff! I brought it right away!

I get a kind of sugary pineapple with a bit of caramel sauce to go with it, it’s says summer partying and the beach during a hot summer’s day, good for the day time and social gatherings!

Killer Queen By Katy Perry Review

Perfumes packaged in bright red bottles are a guilty pleasure for me, they usually mean berries, chocolate, they embody confidence and ‘Here I Am’.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE wild berries, cherries and blueberries are must for my perfume collection, that’s why I love Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck so much. It’s a burst of fresh forest fruits and pure perfection to me.
I recently got Killer Queen by Katy Perry, having already brought and liked Royal Revolution, the first blackberry-smelling flanker of the original and I heard it too had wild berries in it so I was prepared for something similar to EW (Enchanted Wonderstruck)
The difference between EW and KQ, is that KQ is a more darker, sour bergamot/plum scent. EW has a element that KQ hasn’t a bit of, sugar. It’s also got a hint of floral with the sprinkle of poppies. I like both smells equally, I feel EW is appropriate for the daytime, whereas KQ suits the nights.
Killer Queen also has some praline mixed in there and I must confess to being a chocoholic!
KQ is good for wearing at home, snuggled up on the sofa with a book and for going to parties with as it lasts all night, I know this because, last night I sprayed it on my neck and wrists just before I went to bed and I woke up to the smell of praline and berries, so it lasts a good long while!

I simply remember my favourite things: Part 2

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I wanted to show you some more website I have been looking at lately, one is TripAdvisor. It helps you to book hotel stays, flights and you can also make reviews of all the places you’ve been to from all over the world! I love reading them and learning what a place is like because traveling is quite nice for me, I recently went to Naas in Ireland for a doctor’s appointment and the sights on the way there were lovely. We stopped off at Applegreen’s, they have got great food and service.

Now there’s, it gives you free advice on how to look after your pets and you can give all of them profile on the site so other people can look at them and you can look at their pets too!


Maui Fantasy By Britney Spears:

I have a confession to make, while I’ve never been there I love anything to do with Hawaii. Hawaii is so tropical and has plenty of history, the beaches are the first place I’m heading to when I go there in the future.

Based on my love of all things Hawaii, I went with this one and it didn’t disappoint, it smells like fresh passion fruit and just cracked open coconuts and it’s DELICIOUS! There’s some saltwater in there to give it a nice boost in energy.

It lasts a relatively good five hours and doesn’t fill a room but doesn’t cling to your skin, it’s in-between the two.  It’s so tropical that summer days is the only time to really wear it, maybe get away with it in the spring? Good for wearing to the beach or on holiday or anywhere you like!

I simply remember my favourite things:


I thought I’d share with you sites I follow, so others can check them out and if they like them. is a website of which people can make free petitions up about things they want to change and others that care about the same issue can sign the petition. Eventfully if the petition gets enough signatures, it will be taken to decision makers who decide if it gets made into a reality. If there’s something you’d like to change, this is the site for you, I’ve left an example of a petition below, it’s quite easy to make one up yourself.

Next, I have a perfume website called Fragrantica, it lists hundreds of perfume and their notes and the info behind them. If you make an account up (free and easy to create) you can leave reviews, vote on if it’s a day or night and compare perfumes to one and other.

I’ve left links to Fragrantica and below, if you want to check these out, go ahead.