An oriental fruity scent, Rapid is a men’s fragrance inspired by the rapids of water. Water plays a big part in this aftershave, as the gem shaped bottle is a neon blue shade, with crystals in dark blue all around the bottle. The atomizer is jet black coloured and is on a stand which is also black. The cap is a jewel and also dark blue.

Its smell? Pineapple, Red Apple, Patchouli,, Lavender, Honey and Amber.

This will be released in 2018.


Romantic Radiance:

 A Valentine’s version of Britney Spears’ fragrance Radiance hits the market just in time for the season of love. The bottle is the standard Radiance bottle, it follows its sister scents, the original version and Cosmic Radiance, this time the liquid is coloured blood red and the jewels are all different shades of purple!

The top? Pineapple, hyacinth and cream. As for the middle? Peach nectar and candied plums. What about the bottom? Sandalwood and rose.

This is available strictly for February in 30ml and 100ml bottles.

Get The Feeling:

Feelings, you have them, I have them, we all have them! 24/7, every person in the world has them and that inspires this fragrance, which hopes to evoke a feeling, what feeling? That’s down to the wearer’s personal decision! Sooooo, what may be in this perfume???

The top notes are raspberry, lime and strawberry, middle notes are sandalwood and cucumbers, last but certainly not least, powdery notes (How unusual!)


Clover is refreshing, Clover is green, Clover likes new stuff with some nostalgic.

You can’t go wrong with a green smell, that’s what you are seeing in a VERY light green crayon bottle.

What’s in it? Let’s see….. Found some green peppers, bit of grapefruit, slight hint of banana leafs and a personal favourite of mine, cactus.

BUUUUUUUT if you go down further there’s corn silk and fern and mistletoe.

We are finally at the end of our greeny journey, have some grape leaf as a memory!


Soft Red:

Girly flamingos and bubbles are what inspired this bright and beautiful scent. The name is inspired by the fact that pink is, a soft red.

The crayon bottle returns, ironically not in soft red colour but instead flamingo pink. Which is a light pink sort of shade, flamingos are a recurring theme in which magically, bouncy citrus burst of colour!

The top notes are citrus heaven, bitter orange, blood orange and juicy green limes, middle notes feature raspberries and Bulgarian roses, the closing to this magic is watermelons and musk.

Not Afraid:

Not Afraid is for those in need a confidence booster, feeling down? Wear this mood lifter!

This fragrance has thrown in everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to smell.

Top notes are a bucket of saltwater and a whole tree of red apple, with the middle consisting of pink pepper, black tea and neroli, a simple vanilla makes up the bottom.

Mexico Heart:

Based off of Mexican food, Mexico Heart is a spicy gourmand fragrance that is inside of a tomato shaped bottle that’s a bright fire truck red.

Picked from the fields, this scent opens with a fresh green tomato and its twin, the red tomato. They are tamed with a just cut cheese and not too far away is oregano, creating a pizza-like perfume.


The farm-likeness of aniseed opens this refreshing and gorgeous man’s aftershave, aniseed is later tamed by the unusualness of frankincense, with green herbs in the background, subtlety is key in this fragrance.

The bottle follows the style of its sister scent, going out, this time the rays are neon blue and the bottle is navy blue.

Going Out:

The name itself explains what this men’s fragrance is designed to wore. A smoky, dark and fascinated leather enters the night club first, its date being daring oak moss in all its greenness. Speaking of green, patchouli is the third wheel in this night out and leather and oak moss are followed by a couple by the names of sandalwood and rosewood.

Bottled in a aubergine purple cylinder with light stick based top with the rays a light purple shade, perfect for doing what the title says.


Inspired by childhood memories of days on the beach, Nostalgia is designed for good moods and spring days. And this wishful smell is captured in a sweet little ice cream bottle, with the scoop being a light peachy orange colour.

Onto the scent itself, it opens with a warm soapy smell of amber, ivy right behind it. Then comes fresh red red rose that is gentle and romantic. West Indian Bay leaf ends the perfume with a hint of nice greeny.