Green Tea Poinsettia by Elizabeth Arden

The Green Tea line from Elizabeth Arden is long and features many popular perfume notes combined with the relaxing green tea aroma. Cherry blossom, nectarine blossom, mimosa and lavender are just some of the notes partnered with Green Tea over the years.

Now, it’s the turn of the Poinsettia flower. Regularly used to celebrate Christmas, this flower has a smell that is similar to that of pine, therefore giving off a vibe of freshness.

One huge Poinsettia adorns the very front of the bottle, with littler ones surrounding the large one. The cap is a light red and the liquid is tinted the same colour.

A citrus opening; Bitter Orange and Tangerine, with a hint of Pineapple.

A floral middle; Poinsettia, Water Lily, Green Notes and Rose.

A sensual ending; White Musk, Woods and Patchouli.



Believe Glitter by Britney Spears

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original Believe, Britney Spears launches Believe Glitter, a glittery bottle with some changes to the fragrance.

The bottle stays the same in shape, this time, it is covered in an emerald green glitter coating, thus the same.

The fragrance has been changed only in the smallest of changes. The guava is now joined up with clementine and blood oranges in the top notes, replacing the tangerine.

The middle is pure blossom, lime blossom stays, but is joined by lemon blossom, cherry blossom and orange blossom.

The base is sweet, dark chocolate, coffee beans join praline and patchouli.

The Body Shop British Lavender

Please note that this is a pre-written post, I have an important announcement to make on Sunday. 

The Body Shop’s Voyage Collection has many, floral centred fragrances in gem shaped bottles.

The next edition, is called British Lavender. A beautiful and relaxing ingredient, that often is found growing, in the hills in the United Kingdom.

The bottle returns, this time in a lilac shade. The top notes for this are a citrusy delight of orange, lemon and ylang ylang.

The middle notes contains the obvious lavender, combined with rose, red apple and green notes, giving off a fresh edge.

The base brings a comforting ending to this fragrance, with musk, vanilla and cloves.

Jlight by Jennifer Lopez

In the J line, there has been Jlove, Jluxe and Jlust. Now comes the fourth addition to the line up.

In the summer of 2017, Jlight made its debut with a fun burst of colour and happiness.

The square and cap are back, the bottle is this time frosted a light yellow colour and has the standard plastic cap, with the peel away print on the back being a shimmery fish scale print in an aqua shade.

The top of this sunny scent is raspberry, nectarine and grapefruit.

The middle consists of orchid, Lily and a lesser seen note in perfume, cactus.

The base is a sweet caramel, dark chocolate, vanilla and sandalwood.

La Petite Robe Noire De Summer

This fragrance Friday is different to all my pervious ones, as I’m trying a niche brand for a change! Hope you like it!

The La Petite Robe Noire line from famed and iconic perfume house Guerlain, releases a summer version of the popular original.

The bottle stays completely the same, but the liquid of the bottle, is coloured a sweet and subtle orange. On the front of the bottle, is a 1920’s style vintage dress, in black, of course!

La Petite Robe Noire De Summer has a cocktail opening, boysenberry, mango, cherry, raspberry, white peach, tangerine, sweet lemon, red litchi and pear.

The middle is a meadow of nectarine blossom, pink violet, yellow rose, freesia, lavender, green notes and black pepper.

The fragrance has an warm ending of woods, almonds, hazelnuts, white musk and a comforting vanilla.

Red Glow by Jennifer Lopez

This brand new fragrance, released during the Valentine’s Season, joins Blue Glow and (fan-made) Green Glow in colour glows in Jennifer Lopez’s very popular Glow fragrance series.

The bottle is glass and in a rose red shade. Speaking of roses, the charm on this glow (The glow bottle typically come with beautiful charms) is a ankle, with a metallic sliver rose hanging from it.

The top is romantic with wild berries, black currents and pomelo keep this top juicy and fresh.

The heart is filled of love, rose, frangipani, apple blossom and violet leaf make the middle, a delicate one.

The base is bursting with beauty, vanilla, skin musk and cashmere woods round off this fragrance of romance.

London Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s Glow line, has often taken on the theme of going to interesting cities of the world. L.A Glow, Miami Glow & Rio Glow. Now Jlo goes to England with delicious fruits, British flowers and sensual musks.

The bottle sparks interest with a three long top stripe effect on the Glow bottle. The colours of the stripes of a light red, baby blue and a snowy white, like the Union Jack (a flag of which also appears on the cap of this bottle).

The ‘Jlo’ charm from the original Glow is back, this time in a bright red.

The top is delightful, banana, strawberry, bergamot and orange.

The heart is a floral paradise, peony and rose, come with lavender and poppy.

The base is sensual, ending off the fragrance with white musk, dark chocolate and some sea notes.

Sunset Elixir by Shakira

The Sixth instalment to the Shakira Elixir line, Sunset Elixir is inspired by the beauty of its namesake and the passion of summers.

The elixir bottle returns, this time with a gradient effect, with a light orange at the top, a deep purple in the middle and the ending is a navy blue.

The top notes represent energy, with pear, lemon, blood orange & peach.

The middle stuns, with cherry blossom, tuberose and lavender.

The base is a graceful one, with white musk, amber and patchouli.

Live Love by Jennifer Lopez

In the Live line from the Jennifer Lopez fragrance collection, there is Live, Live Luxe and Live Platinum. Now comes the loving addition in February 2018.

Made to represent the intensity of love between two people, this fragrance is sparkling and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Packaged in the same Live bottle as the other three in the line, it’s a bright red shade this time and has a metal strawberry as its charm. Hung around the neck of the bottle, the strawberry is pink and glittered.

The top is a fruity cocktail of bergamot, strawberry and grapes.

The heart is a lovely rose, lemon blossom & cherry flower.

The base is a party of vanilla, amber, white chocolate and woody notes.


Ice Fantasy by Britney Spears:

This is late, personal stuff meant I’ve not had a lot of time to write but I’m not stopping!

Made with the wintertime and the snow in mind, Britney Spears’ new fantasy is packaged in a crystal white bottle, with a sliver collar on top and sliver gems going around the bottle. The cap is clear, with a frosted patch on the very top, to represent snow.

The top notes are warm and comforting. Oranges mix with green tea and a fresh green apple.

The heart of this icy fragrance is lily, lily of the valley and freesia.

The base is a woody one, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk and some green notes.