It is with an unspeakable amount of sadness, that I announce to you all that my beloved golden Labrador Belle, was put to sleep on the 7th of March 2017, following liver failure. She was nine years old.

Just last year, we found a large lump on Belle’s body. Fortunately, the vet was able to operate on it and remove it that time.

However, at the very beginning of this week, we found another large lump on Belle, so we took her back up to the vet.

It was during some other ‘just in case’ tests, that the vet found Belle’s liver failure, and to avoid her being in any further pain, our family made the decision to put Belle to sleep. The vet gave her some temporary pain-killers, meaning Belle was happy and content, during her last few days.

I will be posting a obituary to Belle next week, after that, I will taking a blog hiatus, to be with my family. I do not know when I shall return from my hiatus, but it will only be when I ready to.

Wednesday Rose.



Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! I watched some fireworks on a live stream and they were gorgeous!

I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for me and my family, the cats and dogs, and our two naughty ponies! I hope to keep blogging, creating perfumes and my family may even get some chickens in the warmer weather! Many of the rooms in our house will probably have a lick of paint too!

Have a very happy new year.

Wednesday Rose. X x

How The Cats’ Christmas Is Going:


Lilly: Is running up and down the house with a plastic bauble that she’s stolen from off of the tree.

Rocky: Keeps sticking his foot in the water pot and walking up and down the stairs with his wet foot!

Holly: Hid in a cupboard for two hours, making us worry when we had no idea where she was! I’m not sure why she chose the cupboard in the utility room to hide in, or why she was hiding in the first place but it appeared she curled up and went to sleep in there. How she kept with the radiator going, I’m not sure at all!

Freddie: Gets more hungry than usual this time of year and is meowing for lunch at my feet as I type.

Elsa: Has a blocked up nose as a result of the cold, so we are warming up the house to help her get her nose unblocked again.

Kevin: Is leaping off of EVERYTHING! No injuries at the moment though.

Stripe: Is annoyed because the cold has killed off most of the ticks in our area, he likes to ‘collect’ them!

My New Bedroom 2016!

Above, is a mosaic layout of my BRAND NEW BEDROOM!

We haven’t moved house or anything, but my room got a makeover with Water Meadow colour, (which is also the same colour that my Mam is using on her walls) Poppy Red curtains and pictures of my favourite perfumes!

I really love the new look of my bedroom, before it had pink stripey curtains and bright yellow walls. I think this shows in the change in my personality since we last painted my room.

Freddie’s Little Quirks:

Fred’s quite different from the other cats, he’s the only ginger one in the clan and he’s without a doubt, the most FLUFFY!

At one point we were calling him ‘Pumpkin’, because he was quite round like one and it was nearly Halloween. We swapped to calling him Freddie and it stuck. I also think he’d take some serious offence to that name today!

His nose, believe it or not, can change from a light rosey pink, to a nice salmon pink overnight! I think it might have something to do with the weather, if it’s cooler, his nose is slightly lighter and if it’s hot, it’ll be darker. His toes do the same thing too.

He also has a weird thing where, if he’s washing, his head will whip around when he hears a noise, and his tongue will be halfway out of his mouth! He’ll just sit there, looking around for the sound he heard, with his (usually bright pink) tongue sticking out! The best bit is, he never even realizes his tongue is out!

First Post Of November!

A lot has happened since my last post, my parents and I finished painting my bedroom, it is now ‘Water Meadow’, which is what our local paint store call a light green shade that is now upon my walls!

I also decided to buy my new curtains in Poppy Red and they go super well with my brand new paint!

I went on a shopping trip with my Dad a couple of days ago and we purchased me a really fluffy jumper, with sewed on eyes that are meant to look like a panda’s, it has a stitched on smile and a sequined nose! I really like wearing when there is a chill in the air!

I’d show you some pictures, but my computer (that had them on it) made some errors last night, and I can’t find the pictures.

I’m going to look for them and show you them as soon as I can locate them!

Lilly’s Little Quirks:

Lilly is the first girl cat that I ever owned. She came with her twin brother Rocky when we brought her from the vet in January 2013.

They and three other kittens, were found in a cardboard box in Castlebar and taken into the vet, where they were looked after until we agreed to give Rocky and Lilly a home.

Since the day we took the two of them home, their personality have really developed and Lilly has become one of the funniest cats ever. If something’s just a little out of place, her eyes will become hilariously BIG. Bug eyes we call them around here and they made their best appearance when Freddie and Holly wriggled out of the cat run. She did not follow them and stood behind watching them with some seriously impressive bug eyes!

The way her paws touch the ground as she walks is very cute and she’s makes a huge THUD when she jumps down from looking out of the upstairs window ledges!

Funny thing that she is often becomes and meows at you when she comes into a room with you. Like something is wrong, but it isn’t!


Holly’s Little Quirks:

Oh Holly. I’d say she’s the most bizarre of all the cats, but I think that they’re all as mad as each other. Holly can be strange (In a good way!) at the best of times and I figured I would share a few of her little quirks with you!

When I go behind a door, she freezes in place, so I do a peekaboo kind of thing and peer out from behind the door and then back in. She slowly creeps up to the door and then, I slide my hand down it and she pounces!

While she’s doing it, she chatters like a bird and that’s something she also does when watching an actual bird. She sits on my window ledge and watches the magpies fly around the fields and chatters. I think she’s trying to become one!

Kevin has recently started doing the same thing when looking at the bees outside. Only no noise comes out of him, so it looks hilarious!

And quite a sweet thing she does, is come and wake me and my Mam up in the mornings. Only sometimes she has weird dreams and thinks they’re real, so she runs outside to look for what it was in her dream and forgets us!

The Most Important Blog Post Ever! (According to Mam)

Today’s post will be heavier than usual, as we gather to mourn the loss of Mam’s Blue Raincoat.

The Blue Raincoat was purchased by Mam when we lived in Baldock, she needed a coat to wear when she was walking Belle the dog and she snapped up the coat.

She took it to Scotland when she wore it when our family walked on the local beaches with Stripe the cat.

She then wore when we first arrived in Mayo, Ireland, she ran after Kyra the dog in our five acres of land.

2015 and Charlie and Lola the horses arrived, The Blue Raincoat was wore while looking after them, but by that point it had started to weaken.

Then in late summer of 2016, the coat started to start getting mouldy, Mam purchased a replacement in the same design, only in black and stone…. which is mainly another word with beige.

A few days ago was the day of the coat’s death, when it started becoming a home for small insects and began smelling with the backend of last week.

Thank you for giving Mam a coat to wear when it began bucketing down with rain.

(Was laughing my head off while writing this, it is made a VERY comedic tone!)