5th March 2017:

I said in my last update I had hoped to take a Shetland pony that I’m taking care of, up at my local riding stables on a walk to the woods that are close to the stable. I did that last week!

The woods down there are really pretty and it’s refreshing to take a walk down there, when it’s not raining that is!

Fortunately, Polly (the pony) and I just missed the rain and went for a lovely walk together, Polly had never been to these woods before but was quite calm and chilled out about it all. She was very interested in everything around her!

I also mentioned that I was going to get my hair cut, it’s now quite a bit shorter than before (which was VERY long) and I love it!

Review on Britney Spears’s Hidden Fantasy coming soon, look forward to it!


19th February 2017:

It’s been a while since I did a life update, that’s because I’ve been doing a lot of Horsey stuff!

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I got lots of perfumes that I plan to review on here soon.

Usually I ride and work with bigger sized horses, so I’ve been mixing up lately and been grooming and taking care of two Shetland ponies called Jester and Polly!

Polly has a white coat and is quite shy, she likes to be groomed around her mane and if you give her neck an itch, she’ll raise her head up and actually SMILE!

Jester loves attention, and gets green-eyed quite easily. He too likes mane grooming but he just can’t seem to stop wriggling around when you’re doing it!

It’s really fun to look after them, they’re so funny in their own special ways. I’ve taken bigger horses out into the local woods before, but never a Shetland, so I may try that out with Polly (more confident with new things) in the coming weeks! I’m also due to get my haircut tomorrow, look forward to having it a bit shorter!


The Day I Rode Sammy:

On Friday, I rode a beautiful young horse called Sammy.

He’s a chestnut colour and he’s quite quiet, very gentle and slightly sensitive due to his shyness.

He’s also one of the tallest horses that I’ve ever ridden and it was a lovely little ride with him, he’s very good at walking and trotting and he seems to really love doing all kinds of mazes with me!

Afterwards, I gave a nice stroking and patting and he appeared so happy and relaxed.

He’s the sweetest and shyest horse I’ve ridden and I’m going to ride him again this coming Friday!

4th January 2017:

Christmas is officially over and it’s a brand new year. I’m due to start Horse Riding up again this coming Friday (They usually have a break around the festive period) and this year I’m going to be riding new horses at the stables.

In the past, I’ve ridden Bob, Noah and Quillian. Bob was the first horse I rode up at those stables, he’s quite tall and very gentle.

Noah is slightly shorter than Bob and goes a bit faster, he’s usually the one I take on walks in the local forest.

Quillian was a lovely  girl that I jumped over poles and she was lovely and friendly. She was later sold to a family with small kids.

I’m really looking forward to see who I’ll be riding over the next few months!

Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! I watched some fireworks on a live stream and they were gorgeous!

I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for me and my family, the cats and dogs, and our two naughty ponies! I hope to keep blogging, creating perfumes and my family may even get some chickens in the warmer weather! Many of the rooms in our house will probably have a lick of paint too!

Have a very happy new year.

Wednesday Rose. X x

28th December 2016:

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I had a nice one back here!

We got up at Eight ‘O’clock and opened all our presents, I got some really pretty perfume I  plan to review next year and one of my friends got me a t-shirt, all the way from Las Vegas!

After present opening, we had Christmas lunch. Pringles, pink lemonade, a cake, and my personal favourite, macaroons!

Then we all sat down and watched some Christmasy telly, movies, Queen’s Speech, Bake Off. Some really great TV this winter!

We then had Christmas dinner, while the cats played with their brand new toys, that they’ve all gone mad since they’ve got them.


21th December 2016:

There’s four days until Christmas and I can’t wait! I’m looking forward to spending time with my family, giving them all gifts and sitting around the table with a big festive dinner. We always have vanilla, raspberry and chocolate flavoured macaroons this time of the year, yum YUM!

The cats are looking forward to Christmas too, because it means new cat toys for them to run around the living room at top speed with. I’ve brought them a few toys, but don’t tell them yet!

Not sure what the weather will end up doing on Christmas Day, but six years ago when my family was living in Scotland, it snowed! That had never happened EVER in our lives before and its never happened since. Believe it or not, last year’s Christmas here in Mayo, was sunny!

How The Cats’ Christmas Is Going:


Lilly: Is running up and down the house with a plastic bauble that she’s stolen from off of the tree.

Rocky: Keeps sticking his foot in the water pot and walking up and down the stairs with his wet foot!

Holly: Hid in a cupboard for two hours, making us worry when we had no idea where she was! I’m not sure why she chose the cupboard in the utility room to hide in, or why she was hiding in the first place but it appeared she curled up and went to sleep in there. How she kept with the radiator going, I’m not sure at all!

Freddie: Gets more hungry than usual this time of year and is meowing for lunch at my feet as I type.

Elsa: Has a blocked up nose as a result of the cold, so we are warming up the house to help her get her nose unblocked again.

Kevin: Is leaping off of EVERYTHING! No injuries at the moment though.

Stripe: Is annoyed because the cold has killed off most of the ticks in our area, he likes to ‘collect’ them!

My Christmas Tree 2016!


This is my Christmas Tree for this year and I’m pretty proud of it! It has fairy lights wrapped around and if you change the setting on them, they can twinkle!

Dad got a three pack of foodie style bauble from Aldi and we added them to our pink, purple and black collection!

Jennifer Lopez fan made perfume coming on Friday, really love this one!

First Post Of December!

Wow, there’s only one month left of the year!

Christmas is approaching and I’ve just my snowman themed advert calendar. The chocolate inside of today’s door, was a bauble! It also tasted really good!

My Grandmother is now back from visiting her sister in Yorkshire, England (She had a great time!) and we’ve started to put the decs up slowly.

Next week,  we’ll be putting our artificial Christmas tree and it will be in the conservatory, as Lilly and Holly the cats sleep in the living room and the poor tree probably wouldn’t make it to the 25th in one piece!

I’ll definitely post a picture of it when we all put it up and I’m due to review Honey by Marc Jacobs next week too!