Review of Escada’s Agua Del Sol

I worked so hard to get this perfume, as I only found out about it at the beginning of this year, the summer after it was released! I eventually got a hold of it and it is worth every single penny that I paid!

In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (One of my favourite book series!), there is a made up ice cream brand called ‘Peachy Breeze’. This is what it would probably smell like if it were a real thing, it’s very fresh, so juicy, with a hint of sweetness! As well as the strongest note of peach, there’s a couple of interesting things in this summery fragrance.

In the background, I can smell ‘Asian Pear Ice Cream’, quite sweet and almost good enough to eat!

There’s also ‘Frozen Raspberry Sorbet’ in this, I don’t pick that up as much as the pear and the peach, I get slight whiffs of berries towards the end. There is also Pink Pepper in this fragrance, giving it a bit of sensualness without being overpowering.



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