Review of Escada’s Agua Del Sol

I worked so hard to get this perfume, as I only found out about it at the beginning of this year, the summer after it was released! I eventually got a hold of it and it is worth every single penny that I paid!

In Diary Of A Wimpy Kid (One of my favourite book series!), there is a made up ice cream brand called ‘Peachy Breeze’. This is what it would probably smell like if it were a real thing, it’s very fresh, so juicy, with a hint of sweetness! As well as the strongest note of peach, there’s a couple of interesting things in this summery fragrance.

In the background, I can smell ‘Asian Pear Ice Cream’, quite sweet and almost good enough to eat!

There’s also ‘Frozen Raspberry Sorbet’ in this, I don’t pick that up as much as the pear and the peach, I get slight whiffs of berries towards the end. There is also Pink Pepper in this fragrance, giving it a bit of sensualness without being overpowering.



Green Tea Poinsettia by Elizabeth Arden

The Green Tea line from Elizabeth Arden is long and features many popular perfume notes combined with the relaxing green tea aroma. Cherry blossom, nectarine blossom, mimosa and lavender are just some of the notes partnered with Green Tea over the years.

Now, it’s the turn of the Poinsettia flower. Regularly used to celebrate Christmas, this flower has a smell that is similar to that of pine, therefore giving off a vibe of freshness.

One huge Poinsettia adorns the very front of the bottle, with littler ones surrounding the large one. The cap is a light red and the liquid is tinted the same colour.

A citrus opening; Bitter Orange and Tangerine, with a hint of Pineapple.

A floral middle; Poinsettia, Water Lily, Green Notes and Rose.

A sensual ending; White Musk, Woods and Patchouli.


Believe Glitter by Britney Spears

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the original Believe, Britney Spears launches Believe Glitter, a glittery bottle with some changes to the fragrance.

The bottle stays the same in shape, this time, it is covered in an emerald green glitter coating, thus the same.

The fragrance has been changed only in the smallest of changes. The guava is now joined up with clementine and blood oranges in the top notes, replacing the tangerine.

The middle is pure blossom, lime blossom stays, but is joined by lemon blossom, cherry blossom and orange blossom.

The base is sweet, dark chocolate, coffee beans join praline and patchouli.