Last Post of March 2017!

I’m back from my blog break. Belle’s passing left a huge void in our house and lives but I now feel ready to start blogging once again.

I’ve found that nipping to the stables to see the two smaller ponies has helped me recover from what has happened, Polly and Jester (the two little ones who I’ve been working with) are the cutest things and they always do things that make me smile.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you about this before, but when you scratch Polly’s neck, she lifts her head up and literally GRINS! She pulls her lips back so far, it’s like a Cheshire cat has taken over her!

I’m going to be doing some more things with them this afternoon, and I’ll update you if they do any hilarious!

Stripe’s been a bit gloomy since Belle passed, as she was there when he first arrived at our house, so he’s taking it quite hard. However, my grandma is very good at sewing and cut open one of my old toys, put some lavender in it, sowed it back up and gave it Stripe. Obviously not as a replacement of any sort, but something for him to cuddle up to when he’s low.

And it’s certainly working, he took it to the big armchair and now sits on there, giving his sheep a big hug whenever he’s inside.

We all have each other right now, and while things are still very different, everyone is supporting everyone. I will be restarting my Fragrance Fridays next week, and my Hits Of lists too!


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