It is with an unspeakable amount of sadness, that I announce to you all that my beloved golden Labrador Belle, was put to sleep on the 7th of March 2017, following liver failure. She was nine years old.

Just last year, we found a large lump on Belle’s body. Fortunately, the vet was able to operate on it and remove it that time.

However, at the very beginning of this week, we found another large lump on Belle, so we took her back up to the vet.

It was during some other ‘just in case’ tests, that the vet found Belle’s liver failure, and to avoid her being in any further pain, our family made the decision to put Belle to sleep. The vet gave her some temporary pain-killers, meaning Belle was happy and content, during her last few days.

I will be posting a obituary to Belle next week, after that, I will taking a blog hiatus, to be with my family. I do not know when I shall return from my hiatus, but it will only be when I ready to.

Wednesday Rose.



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