Hits of 2013: Part 1

Please note that this is a pre-written post. I have a very important announcement to make on Sunday.

10: How Ya Doin? by Little Mix

Usually, I’d be in my family’s main car, reading a magazine and this would always come on the radio. I have such great memories tied to this track, it was their third single off of their first ever album (which turns five this year!) and it’s my second favourite song off of it!

9: Get Lucky by Daft Punk

I think this song sums up everything hot and energetic about the summertime itself, it suits the time of the year so perfectly. The album this came off of, was Daft Punk’s first in EIGHT years! But this lead track certainly makes the wait worth it!

8: Change Your Life by Little Mix

My very favourite girl-band’s second appearance on this list, this song highlights the struggle that many people have to go through in their lives, and gives them and everybody else listening, lyrics to motivate and inspire them. Powerful song and my favourite off of their first album!


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