5th March 2017:

I said in my last update I had hoped to take a Shetland pony that I’m taking care of, up at my local riding stables on a walk to the woods that are close to the stable. I did that last week!

The woods down there are really pretty and it’s refreshing to take a walk down there, when it’s not raining that is!

Fortunately, Polly (the pony) and I just missed the rain and went for a lovely walk together, Polly had never been to these woods before but was quite calm and chilled out about it all. She was very interested in everything around her!

I also mentioned that I was going to get my hair cut, it’s now quite a bit shorter than before (which was VERY long) and I love it!

Review on Britney Spears’s Hidden Fantasy coming soon, look forward to it!


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