Last Post of March 2017!

I’m back from my blog break. Belle’s passing left a huge void in our house and lives but I now feel ready to start blogging once again.

I’ve found that nipping to the stables to see the two smaller ponies has helped me recover from what has happened, Polly and Jester (the two little ones who I’ve been working with) are the cutest things and they always do things that make me smile.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you about this before, but when you scratch Polly’s neck, she lifts her head up and literally GRINS! She pulls her lips back so far, it’s like a Cheshire cat has taken over her!

I’m going to be doing some more things with them this afternoon, and I’ll update you if they do any hilarious!

Stripe’s been a bit gloomy since Belle passed, as she was there when he first arrived at our house, so he’s taking it quite hard. However, my grandma is very good at sewing and cut open one of my old toys, put some lavender in it, sowed it back up and gave it Stripe. Obviously not as a replacement of any sort, but something for him to cuddle up to when he’s low.

And it’s certainly working, he took it to the big armchair and now sits on there, giving his sheep a big hug whenever he’s inside.

We all have each other right now, and while things are still very different, everyone is supporting everyone. I will be restarting my Fragrance Fridays next week, and my Hits Of lists too!



It is with an unspeakable amount of sadness, that I announce to you all that my beloved golden Labrador Belle, was put to sleep on the 7th of March 2017, following liver failure. She was nine years old.

Just last year, we found a large lump on Belle’s body. Fortunately, the vet was able to operate on it and remove it that time.

However, at the very beginning of this week, we found another large lump on Belle, so we took her back up to the vet.

It was during some other ‘just in case’ tests, that the vet found Belle’s liver failure, and to avoid her being in any further pain, our family made the decision to put Belle to sleep. The vet gave her some temporary pain-killers, meaning Belle was happy and content, during her last few days.

I will be posting a obituary to Belle next week, after that, I will taking a blog hiatus, to be with my family. I do not know when I shall return from my hiatus, but it will only be when I ready to.

Wednesday Rose.


The Body Shop British Lavender

Please note that this is a pre-written post, I have an important announcement to make on Sunday. 

The Body Shop’s Voyage Collection has many, floral centred fragrances in gem shaped bottles.

The next edition, is called British Lavender. A beautiful and relaxing ingredient, that often is found growing, in the hills in the United Kingdom.

The bottle returns, this time in a lilac shade. The top notes for this are a citrusy delight of orange, lemon and ylang ylang.

The middle notes contains the obvious lavender, combined with rose, red apple and green notes, giving off a fresh edge.

The base brings a comforting ending to this fragrance, with musk, vanilla and cloves.

Hits of 2013: Part 1

Please note that this is a pre-written post. I have a very important announcement to make on Sunday.

10: How Ya Doin? by Little Mix

Usually, I’d be in my family’s main car, reading a magazine and this would always come on the radio. I have such great memories tied to this track, it was their third single off of their first ever album (which turns five this year!) and it’s my second favourite song off of it!

9: Get Lucky by Daft Punk

I think this song sums up everything hot and energetic about the summertime itself, it suits the time of the year so perfectly. The album this came off of, was Daft Punk’s first in EIGHT years! But this lead track certainly makes the wait worth it!

8: Change Your Life by Little Mix

My very favourite girl-band’s second appearance on this list, this song highlights the struggle that many people have to go through in their lives, and gives them and everybody else listening, lyrics to motivate and inspire them. Powerful song and my favourite off of their first album!

5th March 2017:

I said in my last update I had hoped to take a Shetland pony that I’m taking care of, up at my local riding stables on a walk to the woods that are close to the stable. I did that last week!

The woods down there are really pretty and it’s refreshing to take a walk down there, when it’s not raining that is!

Fortunately, Polly (the pony) and I just missed the rain and went for a lovely walk together, Polly had never been to these woods before but was quite calm and chilled out about it all. She was very interested in everything around her!

I also mentioned that I was going to get my hair cut, it’s now quite a bit shorter than before (which was VERY long) and I love it!

Review on Britney Spears’s Hidden Fantasy coming soon, look forward to it!

Jlight by Jennifer Lopez

In the J line, there has been Jlove, Jluxe and Jlust. Now comes the fourth addition to the line up.

In the summer of 2017, Jlight made its debut with a fun burst of colour and happiness.

The square and cap are back, the bottle is this time frosted a light yellow colour and has the standard plastic cap, with the peel away print on the back being a shimmery fish scale print in an aqua shade.

The top of this sunny scent is raspberry, nectarine and grapefruit.

The middle consists of orchid, Lily and a lesser seen note in perfume, cactus.

The base is a sweet caramel, dark chocolate, vanilla and sandalwood.