Live Love by Jennifer Lopez

In the Live line from the Jennifer Lopez fragrance collection, there is Live, Live Luxe and Live Platinum. Now comes the loving addition in February 2018.

Made to represent the intensity of love between two people, this fragrance is sparkling and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Packaged in the same Live bottle as the other three in the line, it’s a bright red shade this time and has a metal strawberry as its charm. Hung around the neck of the bottle, the strawberry is pink and glittered.

The top is a fruity cocktail of bergamot, strawberry and grapes.

The heart is a lovely rose, lemon blossom & cherry flower.

The base is a party of vanilla, amber, white chocolate and woody notes.



Hits of 2011: Part 2

7: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris

This is a great summer bopper and it reminds of going on holidays and going to the beach. The chorus is SO infectious and that makes it great for dancing along to!

6: Without You by David Guetta & Usher

I like how meaningful the lyrics are and how the beat itself is so fun. Removing the lyrics, it’s poppy music and deserves a place on this list!

5: Party Rock Anthem by IMFAO

PARTY ROCK IS IN THE HOUSE TONIGHT. EVERYBODY JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME. AND WE GON MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR MIND. The lyrics are memorable and this is sure to get everyone  out on the dance floor!

Ice Fantasy by Britney Spears:

This is late, personal stuff meant I’ve not had a lot of time to write but I’m not stopping!

Made with the wintertime and the snow in mind, Britney Spears’ new fantasy is packaged in a crystal white bottle, with a sliver collar on top and sliver gems going around the bottle. The cap is clear, with a frosted patch on the very top, to represent snow.

The top notes are warm and comforting. Oranges mix with green tea and a fresh green apple.

The heart of this icy fragrance is lily, lily of the valley and freesia.

The base is a woody one, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk and some green notes.

Hits Of 2011: Part 1

10: Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera: This song’s lyrics are EXTREMELY catchy and easy to sing along. The chorus is my favourite part of this pop track, most definitely, very fun and so dancey. This song akes me think of all things summery, parties and bounciness.

9: Take A Chance On Me by JLS: This ballad is so good and very feathery. Released not long after their hit ‘She Makes Me Wanna’, I do remember when this came out and I always think of Christmas 2011 when I hear this, as the radios played this a lot over that Christmas period!

8: All About Tonight by Pixie Lott: I played this dance track CONSTANTLY when it first came out, it’s poppy, got an amazing chorus and I still love today. I’ve spent the last five years bopping away to this in the car!


For the next few days, I’m going to be revealing my favourite songs of a particular year.

From the years 2011-2016, I’ll be counting down my top ten favourites of that years.

This will either be on Mondays or Wednesdays, so I have time to write the top tens down. I’m really excited to be share my favourites with you guys, I’m also looking forward to going down memory lane as most of the songs bring me back to some really happy places.

Wednesday Rose. x x x x

Emerald Summer by Escada

Escada’s new annual summer scent features in a dark green bottle. With red flowers circling the logo, a plush red sequined ball adorns the golden cap.

The top notes are a sizzling red berries, tangerine, pineapple and blackberry.

The middle is a fine mix of violets,  cherry blossom, apricot & hibiscus.

This perfume ends with a gorgeous combination of vanilla and woods.

The Day I Rode Sammy:

On Friday, I rode a beautiful young horse called Sammy.

He’s a chestnut colour and he’s quite quiet, very gentle and slightly sensitive due to his shyness.

He’s also one of the tallest horses that I’ve ever ridden and it was a lovely little ride with him, he’s very good at walking and trotting and he seems to really love doing all kinds of mazes with me!

Afterwards, I gave a nice stroking and patting and he appeared so happy and relaxed.

He’s the sweetest and shyest horse I’ve ridden and I’m going to ride him again this coming Friday!

4th January 2017:

Christmas is officially over and it’s a brand new year. I’m due to start Horse Riding up again this coming Friday (They usually have a break around the festive period) and this year I’m going to be riding new horses at the stables.

In the past, I’ve ridden Bob, Noah and Quillian. Bob was the first horse I rode up at those stables, he’s quite tall and very gentle.

Noah is slightly shorter than Bob and goes a bit faster, he’s usually the one I take on walks in the local forest.

Quillian was a lovely  girl that I jumped over poles and she was lovely and friendly. She was later sold to a family with small kids.

I’m really looking forward to see who I’ll be riding over the next few months!

Happy New Year!

It’s 2017! I watched some fireworks on a live stream and they were gorgeous!

I can’t wait to see what this year will bring for me and my family, the cats and dogs, and our two naughty ponies! I hope to keep blogging, creating perfumes and my family may even get some chickens in the warmer weather! Many of the rooms in our house will probably have a lick of paint too!

Have a very happy new year.

Wednesday Rose. X x