How The Cats’ Christmas Is Going:


Lilly: Is running up and down the house with a plastic bauble that she’s stolen from off of the tree.

Rocky: Keeps sticking his foot in the water pot and walking up and down the stairs with his wet foot!

Holly: Hid in a cupboard for two hours, making us worry when we had no idea where she was! I’m not sure why she chose the cupboard in the utility room to hide in, or why she was hiding in the first place but it appeared she curled up and went to sleep in there. How she kept with the radiator going, I’m not sure at all!

Freddie: Gets more hungry than usual this time of year and is meowing for lunch at my feet as I type.

Elsa: Has a blocked up nose as a result of the cold, so we are warming up the house to help her get her nose unblocked again.

Kevin: Is leaping off of EVERYTHING! No injuries at the moment though.

Stripe: Is annoyed because the cold has killed off most of the ticks in our area, he likes to ‘collect’ them!


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