Review Of Honey by Marc Jacobs:

I have (And Love!) Dot by Marc Jacobs, so I figured that I would love the sister to this fragrance, Honey.

The bottle is possibly one of my favourite bottles by Marc Jacobs, Dot was themed around ladybugs and Honey is centred around bees and I love how the yellow is a very vibrant shade and the little bee butterflies are just super adorable!

Onto the smell, the notes contain mandarin orange and pear in the top, the middle contains fruit punch, peach nectar, orange blossom and honeysuckle. The base is honey, vanilla and various woods.

When you first spray this, you get the fruit punch and mandarin mixing together, creating a very juicy scent. It reminds me of a cocktail that you get at summer parties.

Later, the peach nectar is really there and so sweet, but the woods are present as well. The actual honey of this perfume, doesn’t make an appearance until the very end, ironically.

This is definitely one for the summer and it could be a signature!




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