My Week, This Week!

I’ve been holding off of writing a post because last week I did A LOT!

I went for a walk in the woods with Noah, the horse I ride up at the stables, the woods of which are stunning this time of the year. The leafs were falling and it was all quite majestic!

When my Grandma went away on a plane to Yorkshire to spend the week with her sister (something she always does at Xmas time) and we’ve been on our own. We had to leave the cats in the house their own on Friday, fortunately the house was (More or less) in one piece when we got back!

Before she left, Grandma gave me a perfume. It was DKNY Fresh Blossom, which I’m going to be reviewing this week at some point. I will also be reviewing three new perfumes that I got for half price in Black Friday sales over the weekend!

On Friday, I made a big step in my riding process, in that I did some jumps! I’ve never actually done jumping before, so this was a big step!


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