Freddie’s Little Quirks:

Fred’s quite different from the other cats, he’s the only ginger one in the clan and he’s without a doubt, the most FLUFFY!

At one point we were calling him ‘Pumpkin’, because he was quite round like one and it was nearly Halloween. We swapped to calling him Freddie and it stuck. I also think he’d take some serious offence to that name today!

His nose, believe it or not, can change from a light rosey pink, to a nice salmon pink overnight! I think it might have something to do with the weather, if it’s cooler, his nose is slightly lighter and if it’s hot, it’ll be darker. His toes do the same thing too.

He also has a weird thing where, if he’s washing, his head will whip around when he hears a noise, and his tongue will be halfway out of his mouth! He’ll just sit there, looking around for the sound he heard, with his (usually bright pink) tongue sticking out! The best bit is, he never even realizes his tongue is out!


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