Dot by Marc Jacobs Review

After researching the popular Marc Jacobs’ fragrances, I loved the look of the beautiful bottles and was pulled in by the notes.

On another trip to my local pharmacy, I picked up the one with spots on it. Dot.

I love ladybugs and I can now add this to my growing collection of ladybug things, and of course my perfume collection, which is quite big right now!

You spray it and then comes a burst of red berries (I love those!) and some Dragon Fruit.

The name ‘dragon fruit’ really interested me, so I did a Google search and found that dragon fruit is actually for pitaya, which is a really nice pink fruit with lots of benefits for you.

There’s coconut in this perfume and it is faintly in there, the ending is also quite musky.

All in all, a lovely fragrance!


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