Review Of Britney Spears’s Midnight Fantasy


I love LOVE the original fantasy, on my skin it’s a yummy little vanilla cupcake with pink fluffy icing. Now, I’ve purchased the fantasy for the night, Midnight Fantasy.

First off, the bottle is WONDERFUL. I’m sure this was intended when it was made but the deep blueness of the bottle reminds of the sky on a clear night and the gems going all around the bottle remind me of stars!

The notes for this include freesia, orchid, vanilla, black cherries and plums and most definitely, it’s the plum and the cherry that mix together perfectly to dominate this scent.

This fruits last quite a while, when later on, the freesia and musk kinda blend like the plum and the cherry did before it. When a little bit later, it ends with a sweet vanilla.


Green Glow by Jlo

Note: Fan made, not an official product.

Following the release and success of Blue Glow, a glow another colour was released to stores worldwide. Green Glow.

Green Glow is sparkling and different, it lures you into its magical garden, with a fresh and fruity opening.

The middle is where the greenness comes alive, enticing and amazing.

The finale is sweet and fun, with playfulness!

Top Notes: Watermelon, Lime and Green Apple

Middle Notes: Lily, Iris, Mint, Grass, Violet Leaf and Tomato Leaf

Base Notes: Dark Chocolate and Musk.

My Week, This Week!

I’ve been holding off of writing a post because last week I did A LOT!

I went for a walk in the woods with Noah, the horse I ride up at the stables, the woods of which are stunning this time of the year. The leafs were falling and it was all quite majestic!

When my Grandma went away on a plane to Yorkshire to spend the week with her sister (something she always does at Xmas time) and we’ve been on our own. We had to leave the cats in the house their own on Friday, fortunately the house was (More or less) in one piece when we got back!

Before she left, Grandma gave me a perfume. It was DKNY Fresh Blossom, which I’m going to be reviewing this week at some point. I will also be reviewing three new perfumes that I got for half price in Black Friday sales over the weekend!

On Friday, I made a big step in my riding process, in that I did some jumps! I’ve never actually done jumping before, so this was a big step!

My New Bedroom 2016!

Above, is a mosaic layout of my BRAND NEW BEDROOM!

We haven’t moved house or anything, but my room got a makeover with Water Meadow colour, (which is also the same colour that my Mam is using on her walls) Poppy Red curtains and pictures of my favourite perfumes!

I really love the new look of my bedroom, before it had pink stripey curtains and bright yellow walls. I think this shows in the change in my personality since we last painted my room.

Freddie’s Little Quirks:

Fred’s quite different from the other cats, he’s the only ginger one in the clan and he’s without a doubt, the most FLUFFY!

At one point we were calling him ‘Pumpkin’, because he was quite round like one and it was nearly Halloween. We swapped to calling him Freddie and it stuck. I also think he’d take some serious offence to that name today!

His nose, believe it or not, can change from a light rosey pink, to a nice salmon pink overnight! I think it might have something to do with the weather, if it’s cooler, his nose is slightly lighter and if it’s hot, it’ll be darker. His toes do the same thing too.

He also has a weird thing where, if he’s washing, his head will whip around when he hears a noise, and his tongue will be halfway out of his mouth! He’ll just sit there, looking around for the sound he heard, with his (usually bright pink) tongue sticking out! The best bit is, he never even realizes his tongue is out!

Dot by Marc Jacobs Review

After researching the popular Marc Jacobs’ fragrances, I loved the look of the beautiful bottles and was pulled in by the notes.

On another trip to my local pharmacy, I picked up the one with spots on it. Dot.

I love ladybugs and I can now add this to my growing collection of ladybug things, and of course my perfume collection, which is quite big right now!

You spray it and then comes a burst of red berries (I love those!) and some Dragon Fruit.

The name ‘dragon fruit’ really interested me, so I did a Google search and found that dragon fruit is actually for pitaya, which is a really nice pink fruit with lots of benefits for you.

There’s coconut in this perfume and it is faintly in there, the ending is also quite musky.

All in all, a lovely fragrance!

First Post Of November!

A lot has happened since my last post, my parents and I finished painting my bedroom, it is now ‘Water Meadow’, which is what our local paint store call a light green shade that is now upon my walls!

I also decided to buy my new curtains in Poppy Red and they go super well with my brand new paint!

I went on a shopping trip with my Dad a couple of days ago and we purchased me a really fluffy jumper, with sewed on eyes that are meant to look like a panda’s, it has a stitched on smile and a sequined nose! I really like wearing when there is a chill in the air!

I’d show you some pictures, but my computer (that had them on it) made some errors last night, and I can’t find the pictures.

I’m going to look for them and show you them as soon as I can locate them!