Lilly’s Little Quirks:

Lilly is the first girl cat that I ever owned. She came with her twin brother Rocky when we brought her from the vet in January 2013.

They and three other kittens, were found in a cardboard box in Castlebar and taken into the vet, where they were looked after until we agreed to give Rocky and Lilly a home.

Since the day we took the two of them home, their personality have really developed and Lilly has become one of the funniest cats ever. If something’s just a little out of place, her eyes will become hilariously BIG. Bug eyes we call them around here and they made their best appearance when Freddie and Holly wriggled out of the cat run. She did not follow them and stood behind watching them with some seriously impressive bug eyes!

The way her paws touch the ground as she walks is very cute and she’s makes a huge THUD when she jumps down from looking out of the upstairs window ledges!

Funny thing that she is often becomes and meows at you when she comes into a room with you. Like something is wrong, but it isn’t!



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