My Top 27 Perfumes: Part 7

9: Wishmaker by Little Mix

This smells just like toffee! It’s quite sweet and gourmandy and was inspired by the girls’ positive outlook on life. This is a very positive scent, most definitely, and while toffee smells the strongest throughout the fragrance, apricot is there too!

8: Princess by Vera Wang

Vera Wang makes beautiful wedding dresses, so it’s no surprise what her fragrances are just as beautiful as her dresses! This perfectly innocent scent, opens with a nice touch of guava, but that guava doesn’t last too long and is soon taken over by silky and sweet dark chocolate. I don’t think milk is listed as a note, but I smell it very softly. This is a gourmand but a very light one and is a rare one that isn’t too sticky to wear in the summer.

7: DKNY Be Desired

I think most of the DKNY apples have apple hidden in there somewhere (Of course), but in a good way, this one surprised me, the apple is replaced by grapefruit. It’s a greeny floral because in there is violet leafs which create a fresh, nearly aquatic, feel on your skin!


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