Holly’s Little Quirks:

Oh Holly. I’d say she’s the most bizarre of all the cats, but I think that they’re all as mad as each other. Holly can be strange (In a good way!) at the best of times and I figured I would share a few of her little quirks with you!

When I go behind a door, she freezes in place, so I do a peekaboo kind of thing and peer out from behind the door and then back in. She slowly creeps up to the door and then, I slide my hand down it and she pounces!

While she’s doing it, she chatters like a bird and that’s something she also does when watching an actual bird. She sits on my window ledge and watches the magpies fly around the fields and chatters. I think she’s trying to become one!

Kevin has recently started doing the same thing when looking at the bees outside. Only no noise comes out of him, so it looks hilarious!

And quite a sweet thing she does, is come and wake me and my Mam up in the mornings. Only sometimes she has weird dreams and thinks they’re real, so she runs outside to look for what it was in her dream and forgets us!


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