Happy Halloween!

Tomorrow is Halloween and I wanted to wish you all a very happy one.

Last night, there was something particularly scary in the kitchen….


I reckon Kevin the kitty, must have used his sister Elsa as a Launchpad. I don’t know what happened after I took this picture, but he got down alright. Hopefully he didn’t use his sister as a LANDING pad!


DKNY Sweet Delicious Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry muffins are a sweet treat and now they are in perfume form, with DKNY Sweet Delicious Blueberry Muffin.

Of course the fragrance contains the beautiful essence of blueberries, that’s in the base. The rest of the base of made up of musk and vanilla.

The top is a gorgeous strawberry, orange and peach.

The middle is then a blossoming honeysuckle and violets.

25th October 2016:

Well. The last seven days have been eventful. To say the least.

Grandma’s driving license has expired and my Dad is having drive her around and to places until she and my parents complete the rather long process of getting her a new one.

Rocky went to the vet for a check up and was given a clean bill of health, Elsa’s cold has also disappeared!

My parents are hoping to paint my bedroom a nice light green shade and I’m choosing between ‘Fiesta Blue’ and ‘Poppy Red’ curtains for the room.

I will definitely show you photos when we start!

Lilly’s Little Quirks:

Lilly is the first girl cat that I ever owned. She came with her twin brother Rocky when we brought her from the vet in January 2013.

They and three other kittens, were found in a cardboard box in Castlebar and taken into the vet, where they were looked after until we agreed to give Rocky and Lilly a home.

Since the day we took the two of them home, their personality have really developed and Lilly has become one of the funniest cats ever. If something’s just a little out of place, her eyes will become hilariously BIG. Bug eyes we call them around here and they made their best appearance when Freddie and Holly wriggled out of the cat run. She did not follow them and stood behind watching them with some seriously impressive bug eyes!

The way her paws touch the ground as she walks is very cute and she’s makes a huge THUD when she jumps down from looking out of the upstairs window ledges!

Funny thing that she is often becomes and meows at you when she comes into a room with you. Like something is wrong, but it isn’t!


DKNY Sweet Delicious Cherry Cupcake

Everybody loves a cupcake, a lot of people love a cherry. So they joined forces to create Sweet Delicious Cherry Cupcake, joining the other Sweet Delicious perfumes in the line.

Which are Creamy Meringue, Pink Macaroon, Tart Key Lime and (Fan Made) Soft Toffee.

The notes are overwhelming simple, cherry makes up the top, cupcake makes up the heart and musk and vanilla for the base.

Good News For The Pets!:

It was a little bit worrying for Belle and Rocky previously as Belle had a lump on her side and Rocky’s bladder problems were looking bad.

I’m very happy to tell you now that both are looking up! Belle’s lump is just a fatty one, nothing to be concerned about for the time being and Rocky has made a HUGE improve to when I last posted on this blog. The vet gave him some stronger anti bionics to what he’s usually given, which should help him further.

Elsa had a minor cold over the past couple of days but that appears to be clearing up pretty quick!

17th October 2016:

I told guys a little while ago that I was feeling ill, resulting in me blogging less than usual. I am now much better but unfortunately, two of the pets have taken ill as I was getting better.

This last summer, Mum and Dad discovered a lump on my dog, Belle. She had a operation to remove it and it was successful. But in the last couple of days, they discovered another on Belle and she’s due for another operation today, which the vets have predicted that like the last one, this will be successful.

Rocky on the other hand, is slightly more serious. He contacted a bit of a virus in 2013 and has been on and off well since. He’s been feeling okay for the whole year, apart for some issues involving his bladder which haven’t cleared up despite several antibiotics given by the local vet. So he’s due for another check up tomorrow but he’s looking not very well at the moment.

I will give you updates on them in the coming days.

DKNY Be Delicious Electric Angel Burst

The DKNY Electric line contains Lovely Glow, Citrus Pulse, Bright Crush and Vivid Orchid.

Now comes Angel Burst, a perfume in the same bottle as the last four, but the lid is white. It is a limited edition release for the wintertime.

The top notes? Wild berries and Melon.

The heart notes? Passion flower and wisteria

The base notes? Orris root, musk, sandalwood, patchouli and peach blossom.

My Top 27 Perfumes: Part 7

9: Wishmaker by Little Mix

This smells just like toffee! It’s quite sweet and gourmandy and was inspired by the girls’ positive outlook on life. This is a very positive scent, most definitely, and while toffee smells the strongest throughout the fragrance, apricot is there too!

8: Princess by Vera Wang

Vera Wang makes beautiful wedding dresses, so it’s no surprise what her fragrances are just as beautiful as her dresses! This perfectly innocent scent, opens with a nice touch of guava, but that guava doesn’t last too long and is soon taken over by silky and sweet dark chocolate. I don’t think milk is listed as a note, but I smell it very softly. This is a gourmand but a very light one and is a rare one that isn’t too sticky to wear in the summer.

7: DKNY Be Desired

I think most of the DKNY apples have apple hidden in there somewhere (Of course), but in a good way, this one surprised me, the apple is replaced by grapefruit. It’s a greeny floral because in there is violet leafs which create a fresh, nearly aquatic, feel on your skin!

Holly’s Little Quirks:

Oh Holly. I’d say she’s the most bizarre of all the cats, but I think that they’re all as mad as each other. Holly can be strange (In a good way!) at the best of times and I figured I would share a few of her little quirks with you!

When I go behind a door, she freezes in place, so I do a peekaboo kind of thing and peer out from behind the door and then back in. She slowly creeps up to the door and then, I slide my hand down it and she pounces!

While she’s doing it, she chatters like a bird and that’s something she also does when watching an actual bird. She sits on my window ledge and watches the magpies fly around the fields and chatters. I think she’s trying to become one!

Kevin has recently started doing the same thing when looking at the bees outside. Only no noise comes out of him, so it looks hilarious!

And quite a sweet thing she does, is come and wake me and my Mam up in the mornings. Only sometimes she has weird dreams and thinks they’re real, so she runs outside to look for what it was in her dream and forgets us!