28th September 2016:

This week has turned out to unexpectedly become a bit crowded, thus we’ll going to Althone next week or the week after (One or the other). I ended getting squeezed in for an appointment with my local ear doctor to have a look inside my ears, which have been very blocked with wax as of late.

Then Dad had to take the car for a service (check up and fix any bits wrong with it) and suddenly, the vet and said they had suddenly had a free space for Kevin to go and be neutered. He went off for his surgery this morning and it went well! He’s due to arrive back home this evening!

I am quite a crafty person and you’ll know that I love perfume and lately the two have been mixing as me and my Mam have been scented paper together! To give as gifts to our friends. I’ve thought all the combinations, such as cherry and bread, strawberries and champagne, bergamot and rose!


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