Hi Stripe! Break Ins To See The Tiger:

Yesterday I was remembering a time where my grandmother went to England on a holiday and me and my parents went to a yoga class.

We left the cats alone in the house, which was a risky move. Dad pulled the car up into the drive and we saw Belle the dog woofing at us at the front door.

Sounds innocent  doesn’t it? Well how about if I tell you that she was shut in at Grandma’s sitting room? WITH STRIPE?

We instantly knew the cats had broken in to see the king, we rushed in and found them all in Grandma’s sitting room and Stripe was hiding under her sofa!

There was no actual injuries, Stripe does have a tendency to punch the other when we annoy so we were worried he might hurt them.

Then a few months later, Lilly snuck in with Elsa. Stripe was at the top of a staircase in the sitting room and Lilly hid. After we found her, she and Elsa were removed unharmed!


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