Update On All The Cats!:

Stripe: Has been birdnapping! He’s a naughty boy for doing that, fortunately all the birds are got away safely.

Lilly: Has been mothering Kevin. Most of the cats are obsessed with fighting, playing, jumping around, where Lilly is most reserved and doesn’t like to fight. Kevin has been chasing her around the house, so she escapes to my room when she gets the chance!

Rocky: ‘s bladder infection has improved, but he still likes to try and sneak into the upstairs bedrooms, which we’ve had to ban him from after he lost control of his bladder in our rooms on two occasions!

Holly: Has gone mad. She usually comes upstairs into my bedroom to wake me up in the mornings, but last week she ran out of the living room (where she and Lilly sleep) and outside, she started meowing and searching for something and we don’t know what. I figure she just had a crazy dream!

Freddie: Is as chilled as ever. Like Lilly he doesn’t bother with the fights, he likes to take himself off to his own world and chillax.

Elsa: Is very sleeping as of late. She loves to nip behind the printer and nap. Which she’s currently doing as I write this blog.

Kevin:…. Kevin Kevin Kevin…. He has entered the teenage years and we don’t know what to do with him! He’s been chasing the girls, trying to eat everyone else’s food and even attempted to swim in the sink. All in all, a very naughty boy! Mam’s had to tell him off very times.


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