Pure Joy by Ariana Grande:

In the Ariana Grande line, there have been Ari, Frankie and Sweet Like Candy. Now joins Pure Joy, the fourth fragrance in Ariana’s line of perfumes.
The bottle is similar to Sweet Like Candy, it has a matt finished in a light yellow colour and the Pom Pom is a cream kind of colour. The cap is the bottle’s colour and has a golden sprayer inside of it.
Top Notes of this delicious fragrance are tangerine, pear and lemon, the heart is a sweet popcorn and cherry with a beautiful base of bamboo and amber.
This would be available in 50ml and 100ml with a rollerball available too!


28th September 2016:

This week has turned out to unexpectedly become a bit crowded, thus we’ll going to Althone next week or the week after (One or the other). I ended getting squeezed in for an appointment with my local ear doctor to have a look inside my ears, which have been very blocked with wax as of late.

Then Dad had to take the car for a service (check up and fix any bits wrong with it) and suddenly, the vet and said they had suddenly had a free space for Kevin to go and be neutered. He went off for his surgery this morning and it went well! He’s due to arrive back home this evening!

I am quite a crafty person and you’ll know that I love perfume and lately the two have been mixing as me and my Mam have been scented paper together! To give as gifts to our friends. I’ve thought all the combinations, such as cherry and bread, strawberries and champagne, bergamot and rose!

A Dash Of Evil…..

September (And the year in fact) has flown by! We are nearly into October and Kevin has already started getting ready, as they’ve been just a little bit evil lately….

Kevin keeps stealing the dogs’ basket (And they’re too scared of getting a scratch from him to kick him out!), he’s also been stepping under people’s feet on purpose to try and trip them up. It’s worked a few times on us and if cats could snigger, he would have been.

I also learned an interesting fact and that’s that they came to Ireland with the Vikings all that time ago, as lucky charms and rat getter-ridders!

We will probably go to Althone this week as we had a lot of time restraints last week, I’ll let you know how that goes!

Wonderstruck For Men

The Wonderstruck line by American singer Taylor Swift has all been for women, with the original, Enchanted Wonderstruck, (following fanmade) Sparkling Wonderstruck and Blushing Wonderstruck.

Now, that’s about to change with the first male Wonderstruck.

The bottle is the standard Wonderstruck bottle, it is this time in a jet black colour and the top/stopper and writing are sliver.

The top of this masculine scent is honeysuckle, bergamot and kiwi. The middle notes are coffee beans and grapes and the bottom is a drydown of a simple musk.

Trip To Athlone!:

Me and my family have decided that we are going to Athlone Shopping Centre at some point this/next week!

I’m currently writing this in my bed at 3 in the morning (I’m definitely a night owl) and me and my parents may go to the shopping centre today or tomorrow, we have yet to decide. We may go next week, it all depends on when my horse riding lesson will be, which is still up in the air right now.

I shall let you know when exactly we go.

Speaking of travel, my grandmother is off on holiday to England again. This time, it will be in November and to Yorkshire to see her sister for a week! So Grandma is building her potting shed before then.

She purchased the bits and pieces to build a shed for her to do crafty stuff a couple of months ago and she’s now putting it all together! (I’ll post a picture of the shed at some point)

Hi Stripe! Break Ins To See The Tiger:

Yesterday I was remembering a time where my grandmother went to England on a holiday and me and my parents went to a yoga class.

We left the cats alone in the house, which was a risky move. Dad pulled the car up into the drive and we saw Belle the dog woofing at us at the front door.

Sounds innocent  doesn’t it? Well how about if I tell you that she was shut in at Grandma’s sitting room? WITH STRIPE?

We instantly knew the cats had broken in to see the king, we rushed in and found them all in Grandma’s sitting room and Stripe was hiding under her sofa!

There was no actual injuries, Stripe does have a tendency to punch the other when we annoy so we were worried he might hurt them.

Then a few months later, Lilly snuck in with Elsa. Stripe was at the top of a staircase in the sitting room and Lilly hid. After we found her, she and Elsa were removed unharmed!

Heat For Men:

The Heat perfume line by singer Beyoncé is the best selling Celebrity perfume line out there on the market, they have all been for women, or was…

Now arrives a men’s edition of Heat, in the standard heat bottle that is coloured a deep shade of black and the rim is bronze.

 The top notes of this new aftershave are lemon and blood orange, the middle of the perfume are forest fruits and musk, the bottom ends with black pepper and West Indian Bay Leaf.

Painting My Bedroom Soon!:

The title says it all, my Dad has finished his week of work (he painted a wall in our local town in the colours, pink, purple with white) and he hopes to start the process of doing so this coming week, should be posting pictures of his progress throughout.

Meanwhile, I rode a new horse last Friday! Usually I ride a horse called Bob but he’s gone on grass for a small vacation so I rode a lovely horse by the name of Noah. He has a faster trot than Bob, both are black in colour and are quite calm horses!

It was my grandmother’s birthday the pervious day and she loved the perfume that I made for her, it contained honeysuckle and heliotrope!

Update On All The Cats!:

Stripe: Has been birdnapping! He’s a naughty boy for doing that, fortunately all the birds are got away safely.

Lilly: Has been mothering Kevin. Most of the cats are obsessed with fighting, playing, jumping around, where Lilly is most reserved and doesn’t like to fight. Kevin has been chasing her around the house, so she escapes to my room when she gets the chance!

Rocky: ‘s bladder infection has improved, but he still likes to try and sneak into the upstairs bedrooms, which we’ve had to ban him from after he lost control of his bladder in our rooms on two occasions!

Holly: Has gone mad. She usually comes upstairs into my bedroom to wake me up in the mornings, but last week she ran out of the living room (where she and Lilly sleep) and outside, she started meowing and searching for something and we don’t know what. I figure she just had a crazy dream!

Freddie: Is as chilled as ever. Like Lilly he doesn’t bother with the fights, he likes to take himself off to his own world and chillax.

Elsa: Is very sleeping as of late. She loves to nip behind the printer and nap. Which she’s currently doing as I write this blog.

Kevin:…. Kevin Kevin Kevin…. He has entered the teenage years and we don’t know what to do with him! He’s been chasing the girls, trying to eat everyone else’s food and even attempted to swim in the sink. All in all, a very naughty boy! Mam’s had to tell him off very times.