The Most Important Blog Post Ever! (According to Mam)

Today’s post will be heavier than usual, as we gather to mourn the loss of Mam’s Blue Raincoat.

The Blue Raincoat was purchased by Mam when we lived in Baldock, she needed a coat to wear when she was walking Belle the dog and she snapped up the coat.

She took it to Scotland when she wore it when our family walked on the local beaches with Stripe the cat.

She then wore when we first arrived in Mayo, Ireland, she ran after Kyra the dog in our five acres of land.

2015 and Charlie and Lola the horses arrived, The Blue Raincoat was wore while looking after them, but by that point it had started to weaken.

Then in late summer of 2016, the coat started to start getting mouldy, Mam purchased a replacement in the same design, only in black and stone…. which is mainly another word with beige.

A few days ago was the day of the coat’s death, when it started becoming a home for small insects and began smelling with the backend of last week.

Thank you for giving Mam a coat to wear when it began bucketing down with rain.

(Was laughing my head off while writing this, it is made a VERY comedic tone!)


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