Last Post Of The Summer:

Tomorrow will be the first day of Autumn in most countries (In Ireland it actually began on the first of this month!) and it’s not just the seasons that are changing in my household, I’ve been sorting through my old toys, giving a few away to charity and finding some old classics from my childhood.

I found a small clown doll, a bright pink light up teddy bear and old Teletubbies toys!

I also happened to find a tiny pink teddy, it fits in the palm of my hand and Kevin has been playing with all day today!

My Dad has been painting a REALLY long wall in our local town for his job, so painting my bedroom (I’ve chosen paint over my currently pastel yellow walls with a nice lime green!) has been a bit delayed, when Dad’s finished painting the REALLY long wall in town (in a white shade), we’ll start painting and I’ll post photos as we are doing it!



DKNY Electric Citrus Pulse Review:

When I heard about the DKNY Electric series, I was super excited to as the notes on all three sounds delicious on Fragrantica. I was even more ecstatic when they came on the Boots website in Ireland.

My family went to Westport (that’s a town in Mayo) and we picked up Citrus Pulse and I’m quite glad we did, because the next week, all three were nowhere to be found.

Onto the smell and the name explains it all, it’s quite a juicy nectarine, orangey, almost mangoy smelling fragrance. Perfect for hot days when we get them here in Ireland.

The bottle is so eye catching, with its bright orange lid, which is one of two (Maui Fantasy is the other one) I take off to smell the atomizer because it’s just that good!

The Most Important Blog Post Ever! (According to Mam)

Today’s post will be heavier than usual, as we gather to mourn the loss of Mam’s Blue Raincoat.

The Blue Raincoat was purchased by Mam when we lived in Baldock, she needed a coat to wear when she was walking Belle the dog and she snapped up the coat.

She took it to Scotland when she wore it when our family walked on the local beaches with Stripe the cat.

She then wore when we first arrived in Mayo, Ireland, she ran after Kyra the dog in our five acres of land.

2015 and Charlie and Lola the horses arrived, The Blue Raincoat was wore while looking after them, but by that point it had started to weaken.

Then in late summer of 2016, the coat started to start getting mouldy, Mam purchased a replacement in the same design, only in black and stone…. which is mainly another word with beige.

A few days ago was the day of the coat’s death, when it started becoming a home for small insects and began smelling with the backend of last week.

Thank you for giving Mam a coat to wear when it began bucketing down with rain.

(Was laughing my head off while writing this, it is made a VERY comedic tone!)

Blushing Wonderstruck:

In the Wonderstruck line by Taylor Swift, there is the original Wonderstruck, Enchanted Wonderstruck and (Fanmade) Sparkling Wonderstruck.

Now comes the fourth Wonderstruck fragrance, Blushing Wonderstruck. (In some countries, it’s called Valentine Wonderstruck)

The bottle is the same as all the other Wonderstruck bottles, this time it is a dark pink colour and the top is a lighter pink colour, as is the writing on the bottle and the charms are that colour too.

The charms themselves are a heart, a ladybug and a rose.

The perfume’s top notes are a super romantic cupcake, white chocolate and pink icing. The middle is a enchanting rainbow sorbet and candy floss and the bottom/drydown is a soothing vanilla and grapefruit blossom.

This perfume will be released around the Valentine period of 2014.

25th August 2016:

Hi guys, I figured I would let you know about my Grandmother’s trip to England.

My maternal family come from Baldock, a small area in Hertfordshire, England and yesterday, Grandma left Mayo on a jet plane (We do know when she’ll be back again. :))  to visit my uncle, aunt and cousin (who still live in Baldock) and go to a holiday resort with them. She’s been on holiday with them before, last summer it was to a forest retreat.

Grandma regularly visits Britain, her sister (my great aunt) lives in Yorkshire and last Christmas, she spent with her and her sister’s family. I’ll tell you a secret, all the men wanted to watch superhero films, which did not please Grandma. (She’s more into the opera!)

My Dad is out of the house because he is on a work related all day course as I write this and my Mam just gave me an idea for a future blog post, according to her it is very important and factual!


22th August 2016

My bedroom has been getting an update as of late, before me and my parents rewallpapered the feature wall in it, it was a bright neon pink wallpaper that had sliver glitter glued flower designs on it. Now it has perfume bottles wallpaper! Perfume is my thing at the moment and I also plan to print out photos of my favourite fragrances and stick them on my wall. I’ll post more pictures as I do up my bedroom, take a look at the one down there. I will also post a picture of Holly in the new cat tent Mam brought got the kitties to sleep tomorrow!


Romantic Radiance:

 A Valentine’s version of Britney Spears’ fragrance Radiance hits the market just in time for the season of love. The bottle is the standard Radiance bottle, it follows its sister scents, the original version and Cosmic Radiance, this time the liquid is coloured blood red and the jewels are all different shades of purple!

The top? Pineapple, hyacinth and cream. As for the middle? Peach nectar and candied plums. What about the bottom? Sandalwood and rose.

This is available strictly for February in 30ml and 100ml bottles.

Review of Live By Jlo

Once upon a time in the magical county of Mayo in Ireland, I went to the drugstore to buy a DKNY perfume (I did buy the originally planned DKNY later on, review hopefully on its way) when the bottle caught my eye. It’s official, my dressing table was missing something before I purchased this fragrance, it looks perfect!

Back to the drugstore and after I saw the bottle I thought to myself ‘I’ll sniff it before I buy the DKNY one’…. Love at first sniff! I brought it right away!

I get a kind of sugary pineapple with a bit of caramel sauce to go with it, it’s says summer partying and the beach during a hot summer’s day, good for the day time and social gatherings!

My NUMBER ONE Disney Character!


I’ve been counting my favourite Disney characters and finally, I’m at the number one spot on the countdown, so without further ado my favourite ever Disney character is…………….. Olaf!

‘Bees’ll buzz, kids’ll blow dandelion fuzz, and I’ll be doing whatever snow does in summer!’

I love Olaf’s innocence and charm, he represents Anna and Elsa’s relationship when they were kids, I’ve also noticed Marshmallow represents Elsa’s need to be alone.

My favourite Olaf quote?: Olaf: And who’s the funky looking donkey over here? Anna: That’s Sven. Olaf: And who’s the reindeer? (points at Sven)

I also loved: Olaf: ‘I don’t have a skull, or bones.’

And the most sweet one: ‘Some people are worth melting for.’

Now I’ve finished this, I may take a small break from Movie Mondays while I either think up a new countdown or write some more reviews.

Cheers, Wednesday Rose.