28th July 2016:

Hey guys, I meant to post on Tuesday but I’ve been so busy helping out at my local stables, that I didn’t quite get around to it. I ride a horse called Bob and yesterday, in-between helping, we were running around a circle shaped track and he was having the time of his life!

My new kitten Kevin is now the little brother to Elsa, they didn’t like each other when he arrived and now they are playing together. Earlier in the week, Freddie was hiding under my bed, I wasn’t sure why but it turns out those terrible two were stalking him! It’s funny because when they were both around his age, Rocky and Lilly used to stalk our big boy Stripe and jump on his tail. It was mainly out of curiosity and that curiosity is what resulted in Stripe whacking Rocky over the head three times! I like to think that Rocky could have been the next Einstein but thanks to Stripe, we’ll never know….

I have some friends that I knew from when my family lived in England that are coming to visit, in around a week’s time. They are Hannah and Angela and Angela has often come up to where we live in Ireland to see us. Hannah hasn’t seen me since I was SIX, so I’m looking forward to seeing her, and Angela!


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