Hiss by Katy Perry:

The third in the Katy Perry cat perfumes and the second flanker to Purr (first being Meow) is Hiss.

Packaged in the same cat bottle, this time it is in a deep black colour with midnight blue eyes.

It has a navy blue collar with a heart with the word ‘Hiss’ engraved in the heart that is attached to the collar, the style of the collar is identical to the one from Purr,

This fragrance is designed for nightlife and nightclubs and based off of the magicalness of black cats.

Mysterious, stunning and surprising, the burst of blackberry is quickly tamed with plum. And then comes Oud, patchouli and orris root and finally, musk with marigold.

It is available in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml and the line includes a body lotion and body mist.


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