10th July 2016:

I thought I would give an update on my new kitten Kevin as he’s doing very well! You can see a picture of him below (isn’t he sweet!) and Elsa was cautious about him at first but they are now best friends! They often sleep on the sofa tonight, run out outside and Kevin sometimes jumps on her playfully. He’s currently sitting on me purring as I write this. I would also like to express how much of a fright I got last night at ten at night when I opened my eyes to a black shadow at the end of the bed, I turned the light on and Kevin had decided to pay me a visit!
On Wednesday I’m off to get my hair cut, hopefully it will look something like the photo below as I have long hair at the moment and I’m a bit bored and want a change.
Will let you know about any changes in the family and update you on Kevin!
Cheers, Wednesday Rose. X x x x x


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