Killer Queen By Katy Perry Review

Perfumes packaged in bright red bottles are a guilty pleasure for me, they usually mean berries, chocolate, they embody confidence and ‘Here I Am’.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE wild berries, cherries and blueberries are must for my perfume collection, that’s why I love Taylor Swift Enchanted Wonderstruck so much. It’s a burst of fresh forest fruits and pure perfection to me.
I recently got Killer Queen by Katy Perry, having already brought and liked Royal Revolution, the first blackberry-smelling flanker of the original and I heard it too had wild berries in it so I was prepared for something similar to EW (Enchanted Wonderstruck)
The difference between EW and KQ, is that KQ is a more darker, sour bergamot/plum scent. EW has a element that KQ hasn’t a bit of, sugar. It’s also got a hint of floral with the sprinkle of poppies. I like both smells equally, I feel EW is appropriate for the daytime, whereas KQ suits the nights.
Killer Queen also has some praline mixed in there and I must confess to being a chocoholic!
KQ is good for wearing at home, snuggled up on the sofa with a book and for going to parties with as it lasts all night, I know this because, last night I sprayed it on my neck and wrists just before I went to bed and I woke up to the smell of praline and berries, so it lasts a good long while!


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