Killer Queen: Summer Sovereign:

In the Summer, Katy Perry releases this new fragrance in the Killer Queen line.

Other in the line including the original Killer Queen, Royal Revolution, Oh So Sheer, Spring Reign, (the following fan made) Christmas Coronation and a limited time Valentines Edition.

This time, the very unique bottle is in a light green colour and has the same golden topper as the original.

The top notes are green tea, coconut and coffee, middle is a plain Daisy and the finale is lime blossom and sweet vanilla.




28th July 2016:

Hey guys, I meant to post on Tuesday but I’ve been so busy helping out at my local stables, that I didn’t quite get around to it. I ride a horse called Bob and yesterday, in-between helping, we were running around a circle shaped track and he was having the time of his life!

My new kitten Kevin is now the little brother to Elsa, they didn’t like each other when he arrived and now they are playing together. Earlier in the week, Freddie was hiding under my bed, I wasn’t sure why but it turns out those terrible two were stalking him! It’s funny because when they were both around his age, Rocky and Lilly used to stalk our big boy Stripe and jump on his tail. It was mainly out of curiosity and that curiosity is what resulted in Stripe whacking Rocky over the head three times! I like to think that Rocky could have been the next Einstein but thanks to Stripe, we’ll never know….

I have some friends that I knew from when my family lived in England that are coming to visit, in around a week’s time. They are Hannah and Angela and Angela has often come up to where we live in Ireland to see us. Hannah hasn’t seen me since I was SIX, so I’m looking forward to seeing her, and Angela!

My Top Ten Disney Characters: Part 3


The above is my cat Kevin’s attempts at blogging! More on him tomorrow.

5: Mickey Mouse

Ah. We can’t forget one very important thing that Walt Disney himself said: It was all started by a mouse. Mickey has truly stood the test of time so well, he is without a doubt a pop culture icon! Created in 1928, two years from now will be his ninetieth birthday and I  strongly that he will popular as ever when I’m ninety myself.

4: Winnie The Pooh

Pooh is that loveable teddy bear who is usually a nice memory from your childhood. ‘The end? Can’t we not just go back to page one, and start again?’ That line occupied me for hours on end as a kid. Based off of the author of his book A.A Milne’s son’s teddy bear, this fluffy yellow and red bear is the very picture of innocence and happiness, as is his home woods! That silly old bear.

Get The Feeling:

Feelings, you have them, I have them, we all have them! 24/7, every person in the world has them and that inspires this fragrance, which hopes to evoke a feeling, what feeling? That’s down to the wearer’s personal decision! Sooooo, what may be in this perfume???

The top notes are raspberry, lime and strawberry, middle notes are sandalwood and cucumbers, last but certainly not least, powdery notes (How unusual!)

Hiss by Katy Perry:

The third in the Katy Perry cat perfumes and the second flanker to Purr (first being Meow) is Hiss.

Packaged in the same cat bottle, this time it is in a deep black colour with midnight blue eyes.

It has a navy blue collar with a heart with the word ‘Hiss’ engraved in the heart that is attached to the collar, the style of the collar is identical to the one from Purr,

This fragrance is designed for nightlife and nightclubs and based off of the magicalness of black cats.

Mysterious, stunning and surprising, the burst of blackberry is quickly tamed with plum. And then comes Oud, patchouli and orris root and finally, musk with marigold.

It is available in 10ml, 30ml and 50ml and the line includes a body lotion and body mist.


Clover is refreshing, Clover is green, Clover likes new stuff with some nostalgic.

You can’t go wrong with a green smell, that’s what you are seeing in a VERY light green crayon bottle.

What’s in it? Let’s see….. Found some green peppers, bit of grapefruit, slight hint of banana leafs and a personal favourite of mine, cactus.

BUUUUUUUT if you go down further there’s corn silk and fern and mistletoe.

We are finally at the end of our greeny journey, have some grape leaf as a memory!


Soft Red:

Girly flamingos and bubbles are what inspired this bright and beautiful scent. The name is inspired by the fact that pink is, a soft red.

The crayon bottle returns, ironically not in soft red colour but instead flamingo pink. Which is a light pink sort of shade, flamingos are a recurring theme in which magically, bouncy citrus burst of colour!

The top notes are citrus heaven, bitter orange, blood orange and juicy green limes, middle notes feature raspberries and Bulgarian roses, the closing to this magic is watermelons and musk.

Purr: Valentine’s Day Edition.

Katy Perry welcomes a limited time only version of her cat fragrance collection, with pervious ones are Purr (original), Meow and (last two fan made) Roar and Hiss.

The bottle is a deep red shade with light red eyes and a collar, that’s the same colour of the eyes and has a small ‘K’ for Katy attached to it.

The top notes of this perfume is red berries, the middle notes are raspberry, vanilla and white chocolate. The base is rose and red wine.

This perfume will only be available during February and is available in body gel, a rollerball and is in 100ml only.

Not Afraid:

Not Afraid is for those in need a confidence booster, feeling down? Wear this mood lifter!

This fragrance has thrown in everything and the kitchen sink when it comes to smell.

Top notes are a bucket of saltwater and a whole tree of red apple, with the middle consisting of pink pepper, black tea and neroli, a simple vanilla makes up the bottom.

My Top Ten Disney Characters: Part 2


7: Belle from Beauty And The Beast

Belle is inspiring in that she refuses Gaston’s attempts to get her to marry him and have six or seven sons, she doesn’t want to live up to his sexist expectations for women.

Another amazing thing is when she gives up her own freedom so the beast will let her father go, she’s willing to be a prisoner if it means her father is free, and that is huge.

She also ends up saving the beast at the end of the film, making me love her even more.

6: Baymax

I think you’d be pressed to find a character more huggable than Baymax, created as a robot nurse by Hiro’s brother Tadashi he syas the most hilarious of things like ‘I am not fast’ and ‘hairy baby!’ and my personal favourite ‘oh no!’. I have a soft toy of Baymax and it is so cuddly!