28th June 2016:

It’s been a while since I gave an update on my family so I’m doing one now.

My horse Lola had to have a injection over the weekend because of a hacking cough that just wouldn’t budge. Thankfully she is now much better and dancing around our sanded arena happily! Also Belle the dog is the same as Lola following her operation and is back to annoying Kyra and vice versa.

The cats are having a naughty summer, Rocky has been attempting to break out of the house and roam with Stripe, Elsa wants to get up on the roof and Lily…. hasn’t really been doing anything. She’s taking it easy and going with the flow I guess!

June has been a fairly calm month for my family, that will all change in July when our new kitten arrives! I’ll give you daily updates on how he’s getting on when he arrives (hopefully) this coming week.


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