My Top Ten Disney Characters: Part 1:

Today’s Movie Monday will be slightly different as I wanted to give you my top ten Disney characters. This is not going to include Pixar as I have plans to give them their own separate list in the future.

10: Snow White

Honestly this movie brings back a truck load of nostalgia for me and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it’s sort of a comfort movie for me and I watch it straight after a scary movie as let’s be honest, we all turn on the cartoons after one. 🙂 This is the movie that not only started it all for Disney but CHANGED ANIMATION. Snow White’s lucky, I have six cats and they do the exact opposite of what her animal friends from the forest do when cleaning the dwarfs cottage.

9: Maleficent

Speaking of scary, this iconic villain is just so intriguing and the first time I watched this film, I swear there was a brief moment that I was rooting for her without realizing it, I think she casted a spell on me through the screen! I have a love-hate relationship with Disney Villains, they are often very funny but they do HORRID things to the protagonists! It’s a difficult situation.

8: Pascal

From Tangled, Pascal is Rapunzel’s little green/red/blue/yellow/anycolournecessary buddy. He is one of the funniest characters in the whole movie, I laugh every time I watch the scene where Rapunzel says Flynn will never find his bag and he replies with ”It’s in that pot isn’t it”. Rapunzel hits him over the head with a frying pan and Flynn wakes with Pascal’s tongue in his EAR!



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