ANNOUNCEMENT: Disney Movie Reviews

Currently, you know that my obsessions are perfumes and horses but I also have a soft spot another thing: Disney.

Disney is quite a big part of my childhood, I had all the Disney Princess dolls and my favourite film from when I was little was the 50s version of Cinderella. So I’ve decided to review the Disney Movies like I’m reviewing perfumes.

It’ll be only on Mondays and be called ‘Movie Mondays’ and I’ll be reviewing an animated movie from Disney’s library, I may do live actions in the future but right now I’m sticking to old and new animation. Pixar may pop up a few times as well.

Apart from that, it remains the same on my blog. I’ll keep you updated on events in my life and review perfumes and post perfumes I’ve designed myself and of course, the mischief of my six cats, two dogs and two ponies will always be present!


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