My Top 27 Perfumes: Part 3

21: Ari by Ariana

Marshmallowy goodness! That’s present during the whole show of this lovely perfume, which you just after the opening burst of a quite juicy raspberry.

There’s rose and lily of the valley in the middle and they blend well and appear after half an hour, there’s also orchid in there but I don’t smell that one as much as the other two.

20: Glow by JLO

All of Jennifer’s fragrances are quite personal to her and this was inspired by the Glow that she feels just after a bath or shower. I smell soap during this perfume, there’s a whole lot of florals and jasmine is the stand out of them, rose is pleasantly there too.

19: Green Tea Nectarine Blossom by Elizabeth Arden

This is citrus so much and nectarine is (of course) the first thing that I got from this thing fragrance. The peach is softly there too and this whole perfume just screams summer days and sunshine and hot weather! I’m almost reminded of ice lollies from the supermarket!


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