4th June 2016:

First, I would like to apologize for my blog absence lately, the heat over here in Ireland has been very overwhelming and making me feel quite ill so I’ve been resting up mainly, apart from some events.

 On the 1th of June I went to a posh horse riding stables to look around it and meet some of the horses there.

I love to ride horses and do things in the horsey world, it’s my other big obsession, alongside perfume. But last winter I had a confidence wobble which I reassure readers is 100% normal to have, everyone gets one at some point in their lives but eventually, you do get past it and I’ve finally felt able to get back into the world of horses and the stables of which I went to was really nice.

It had a nice calm feel to it (I prefer that to busy) and the horses were lovely too, one was called Caramel and loved the attention and me stroking him!

Then the next day I had a nice chat with my friend about things I would like to achieve with my two pet ponies Charlie & Lola, things that look very achievable!


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