BREAKING NEWS: The kitten is here!

He’s here! Earlier this morning (30th June 2016) my Dad collected our midnight black buddy who is yet to be named.

The boy cats have really enjoying her new friend, Rocky is engaging in playful light-hearted boxing matches and Freddie is his chaperone and very watchful of him.

The girls are going to take some time to get used to him, they all hissed at him and ran away upon arrival but I’m sure they’ll love him eventually!

He’s having a nap at the moment, I’ll post a picture of him on Saturday along with an update on his progress!

Cheers, Wednesday Rose. x x x x x

PS: You’ll know that Lola had a bad cough if you saw my last post but it is now gone and she’s back to herself again!


28th June 2016:

It’s been a while since I gave an update on my family so I’m doing one now.

My horse Lola had to have a injection over the weekend because of a hacking cough that just wouldn’t budge. Thankfully she is now much better and dancing around our sanded arena happily! Also Belle the dog is the same as Lola following her operation and is back to annoying Kyra and vice versa.

The cats are having a naughty summer, Rocky has been attempting to break out of the house and roam with Stripe, Elsa wants to get up on the roof and Lily…. hasn’t really been doing anything. She’s taking it easy and going with the flow I guess!

June has been a fairly calm month for my family, that will all change in July when our new kitten arrives! I’ll give you daily updates on how he’s getting on when he arrives (hopefully) this coming week.

My Top Ten Disney Characters: Part 1:

Today’s Movie Monday will be slightly different as I wanted to give you my top ten Disney characters. This is not going to include Pixar as I have plans to give them their own separate list in the future.

10: Snow White

Honestly this movie brings back a truck load of nostalgia for me and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it’s sort of a comfort movie for me and I watch it straight after a scary movie as let’s be honest, we all turn on the cartoons after one. 🙂 This is the movie that not only started it all for Disney but CHANGED ANIMATION. Snow White’s lucky, I have six cats and they do the exact opposite of what her animal friends from the forest do when cleaning the dwarfs cottage.

9: Maleficent

Speaking of scary, this iconic villain is just so intriguing and the first time I watched this film, I swear there was a brief moment that I was rooting for her without realizing it, I think she casted a spell on me through the screen! I have a love-hate relationship with Disney Villains, they are often very funny but they do HORRID things to the protagonists! It’s a difficult situation.

8: Pascal

From Tangled, Pascal is Rapunzel’s little green/red/blue/yellow/anycolournecessary buddy. He is one of the funniest characters in the whole movie, I laugh every time I watch the scene where Rapunzel says Flynn will never find his bag and he replies with ”It’s in that pot isn’t it”. Rapunzel hits him over the head with a frying pan and Flynn wakes with Pascal’s tongue in his EAR!



I’m quite happy to announcement that a new kitty will be joining my family very soon!

We have agreed to give a small fully black kitten a home in July, he’s just come off of milk and is about a month old. I’m currently thinking up names for this kitty and I quite like Woody, Max and Jasper at the moment, I will let you know how he gets on when he arrives at our house in mid July and the name I chose for him!

Cheers, Wednesday Rose. xx x x x x xxx

Day Princess:

The 11th fragrance in the Princess collection by Vera Wang, Day Princess (the direct sister to Night Princess) is very modern and for the girl who never fails to amaze her man.

Lemon balm, cassowary fruit, carrots and fig make up this refreshing and reviving smell.

The bottle is the standard Princess bottle, with it being a light green glass heart this time around with a emerald green crown/stopper.

Maui Fantasy By Britney Spears:

I have a confession to make, while I’ve never been there I love anything to do with Hawaii. Hawaii is so tropical and has plenty of history, the beaches are the first place I’m heading to when I go there in the future.

Based on my love of all things Hawaii, I went with this one and it didn’t disappoint, it smells like fresh passion fruit and just cracked open coconuts and it’s DELICIOUS! There’s some saltwater in there to give it a nice boost in energy.

It lasts a relatively good five hours and doesn’t fill a room but doesn’t cling to your skin, it’s in-between the two.  It’s so tropical that summer days is the only time to really wear it, maybe get away with it in the spring? Good for wearing to the beach or on holiday or anywhere you like!

Mexico Heart:

Based off of Mexican food, Mexico Heart is a spicy gourmand fragrance that is inside of a tomato shaped bottle that’s a bright fire truck red.

Picked from the fields, this scent opens with a fresh green tomato and its twin, the red tomato. They are tamed with a just cut cheese and not too far away is oregano, creating a pizza-like perfume.

Daisy Dream Smiles:

Simple is the word used to describe this perfectly yellow and sunny flanker to the original Daisy Dream, the third flanker to said smell and the fourth in the Daisy Dream Line.

The top is made up by banana, green apple and apricot, following that are litchi, violets and blackberries. Then bitter orange and grapefruit finish this perfume off.

The bottle is the standard Daisy Dream bottle, this time it is a bright yellow, for happy moods and spring to summer days.


The farm-likeness of aniseed opens this refreshing and gorgeous man’s aftershave, aniseed is later tamed by the unusualness of frankincense, with green herbs in the background, subtlety is key in this fragrance.

The bottle follows the style of its sister scent, going out, this time the rays are neon blue and the bottle is navy blue.

14th June 2016:

I thought I’d tell you about last Friday morning where I did something amazing, for me.

I’ve told you how I lost my confidence in horse riding following a bad experience, well on Friday I went down to the horse stables and rode for the first time in nearly a year!

It’s a big deal for me as my confidence is finally coming back after its wobble, I rode a nice black and white horse called Bob who (like Caramel, another horse at the stables) loves being stroked and having the spotlight on him. He’s a race horse and had to have his mane shaved off for a show a couple of weeks ago (So it wouldn’t cover his eyes) and at the moment it feels kind of like fake grass mats, like they have for dogs to play and sleep on. I groomed him a bit and talked to the helpers there, who are all super friendly.

I’m heading back there this coming Friday (17th) to (hopefully) ride and definitely do a bit of grooming again.