I simply remember my favourite things:


I thought I’d share with you sites I follow, so others can check them out and if they like them.

Change.org is a website of which people can make free petitions up about things they want to change and others that care about the same issue can sign the petition. Eventfully if the petition gets enough signatures, it will be taken to decision makers who decide if it gets made into a reality. If there’s something you’d like to change, this is the site for you, I’ve left an example of a petition below, it’s quite easy to make one up yourself.

Next, I have a perfume website called Fragrantica, it lists hundreds of perfume and their notes and the info behind them. If you make an account up (free and easy to create) you can leave reviews, vote on if it’s a day or night and compare perfumes to one and other.

I’ve left links to Fragrantica and Change.org below, if you want to check these out, go ahead.






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