24th May 2016:

Some changes have gone on since my post on the 17th.


The weather was bad and damp so we rescheduled the grooming session with my friend Jenny to yesterday (23th) and shortly after we cancelled Jenny, my parents discovered a lump on my dog Belle.

Luckily the vet confirmed that the lump was nothing serious but it had to be removed via surgery to avoid Belle getting nerve damage in the future and the earliest we could get her booked in (The vet said the sooner the better) was Wednesday, the day of my dentist appointment to put on a fissure so it had to be rescheduled to Friday, it went well and the whole trip took half an hour in total, I even had an x-ray!

As for Belle, needn’t worry as she is doing ok following her operation, she went in for it in the morning, it took a couple hours to do, was successful and the vet decided she could come home in the evening. She was slightly wobbly at first but by today, she’s as bright as ever!

And on the subject of Jenny, the weather was alright this time and she basically helped us bring the ponies in for dinner and bedtime and saw how our horsey schedule works. She then discussed things I could learn, long reining and plaiting the manes!


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