The Little Things That Make Me Laugh: Part 1

My cat Stripe tried to make an escape to the upstairs bedroom last night and it made me think of the littlest things that my cats do and sometimes, are the funniest.

One time my ginger boy Freddie got tangled (literally) up in a pile of cardboard paper, he freaked out and came running down the stairs like a rocket in a attempt to get the paper off of him. After it eventfully came off after some running around the downstairs, a petrified Freddie hid under the staircase and had to be coaxed out with some chicken!

Then there was the time that my tuxedo boy cat Rocky had a fanboy moment with his idol, our tabby man Stripe (I say man because he’s the oldest and the heaviest to pick up!)

I opened the front door so that Stripe could come inside but in a completely left field move, Rocky zoomed and out of the door and chased Stripe… for all about ten seconds before he realized he was OUTSIDE.

Rocky is an indoor cat and he’s never gone further than the car run that made for them and he was certainly further away than he would have liked, he ended up collapsing on the ground in terror and my Mam brought him back inside, where he ran into the kitchen and hid under a chair for the rest of the day.

Definitely make another of these as there’s tons of times that the kitties have hilariously scared themselves!


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