Event: Holly’s Brush With Inspiration

One funny time with my tabby cat Holly, was one evening when I was watching a nature show, all about the different wild cats. She joined me as I started watching and about five minutes in, a cat called the ‘Bornean bay cat’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bay_Cat was shown jumping around some trees and even climbing some of them, and Holly’s eyes went almost completely black, the bay cat started running towards the screen and she ran behind the sofa! Literally, gone in a flash!

She stayed there for a little bit, until she popped out and became enamoured with this huge cat, she was sitting right in the front of the TV screen, studying the cat’s every movement.

Next morning, she self confirmed she was inspired by that cat, when she jumped onto a very high window in the bathroom! (Like the one above)

The only window in the bathroom is very high and narrow, almost reaches the ceiling and from the table leaning against on the wall that the window’s built into, she leapt up and landed onto the window! Something only my older cat Rocky has done once!


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