Fan Fragrances: Sparkling Wonderstruck

The below is fan made and not an official product.

In February 2013, after the success of her previous perfumes, American fragrance, skincare and cosmetics company Elizabeth Arden and American country singer Taylor Swift released Sparkling Wonderstruck, the second flanker to the original Wonderstruck, the first flanker being Enchanted Wonderstruck.

Wonderstruck is based upon the feeling on an instant connection with someone, Enchanted Wonderstruck is about being enamoured with that person, Sparkling Wonderstruck is the feeling of mystery and curiosity over a person, bravery and courage to discover.

The bottle is the same as its sisters, this time it is in a white bottle with a sliver stopper, sliver is also the colour of the writing on the front of the bottle and the charms are sliver too, which consist of a bird, a ship, a rose and the number 13, Swift’s lucky number.

It opens with jasmine, lily, bergamot and mint, followed by orchid, rose, lemon and freesia, with the ending consisting of purely sandalwood from Australia.

The perfume is available as a 70ml and 100ml in shops in America and Europe. Along with a shower gel and a generous 9 ml rollerball in the line.


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