Review Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Wonderstruck’

The documented use of Sandalwood goes back 4000 years to India, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Many temples and structures were built from Sandalwood. In Egypt, people used it in embalming.

In India, people believed that termites never attack sandalwood. For that reason, they considered it a symbol of vitality. Sandalwood has been a part of the religious and spiritual traditions of India since prehistory and has been effectively used as a traditional medicine from ancient times.

Before I learned about this, I always thought Sandalwood had an Asian-like kind of smell, it is very pretty and earthy.

When I went on perfume site Fragrantica, I saw that raspberry and vanilla were mixed into a purple circle bottle entitled ‘Wonderstruck’ that was wearing a golden necklace with a star, a bird and a cage as charms, I already love Taylor Swift and I went ahead and purchased Wonderstruck.

I sprayed it into the air, expecting a blast of raspberry and vanilla… what a nice surprise! I got a breeze of sandalwood that made my whole bedroom smell of the stuff, gorgeous! I got it with a body lotion that smells identical to the perfume that I just recently got around to applying, good perfume for putting on (body lotion and fragrance) when you’re going out for a date.

Definitely recommend it as it’ll leave you, quite literally, wonderstruck!



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