‘It wasn’t me! He slipped!’ A doggy tale:

Yesterday I was taking a shower and I remembered a time from when me and family lived in Scotland that my ginger Labrador Belle (https://wednesdayrose55.wordpress.com/2016/04/29/introducing-my-two-pet-dogs/) did a naughty thing involving the current star of this blog, Stripe, the amazing one of a kind magical supercat! So he says he is. 😉

These were the days I took bathes and Belle would come up the stairs and watch along with the then kitten Stripe (who for a kitten was very vicious!)

I had my feet at the foot of the bath and Stripe was standing above them at the foot, then Belle sniffed his side and he (Who has a habit of slipping off places) fell INTO THE BATH!

I was not scratched in the mishap and Stripe leapt out of the bath in within seconds of him entering the water and ran down the stairs.

He only made it halfway down when my mam wrapped him up in a towel and started to dry the soaked kitty. Belle meanwhile, was lying next to the bath with a guilty look upon her face and then my dad questioned her, she proclaimed she was innocent. To be fair, she did only sniff Stripe, so he can’t be too mad!

PS: I write this as my other cat Rocky runs around the room like a loony.


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