8th of May 2016:

Behind this blog, quite a bit is going on.

From Wednesday-Friday, builders are been building a kitchen for my grandmother, she is retired and spends most of her time in her bedroom and her own sitting room which holds its own kitchen, but she wants a more modern kitchen than the one she’s got and she’s purchased a new one.

It looks like the main kitchen me and my parents have, it’s got white wooden cupboards on the ground and on the floor, a nice black oven and cooker and your average sink. Her old one was a bit old fashioned, like something out of the seventies:

(Above is not her old kitchen, but it looked somewhat like that)

The handles are curved and smooth-like, all in all the kitchen looks great!

The cats haven’t been so happy this week, because of all the builders coming in and out of the house with big vans that they could escape into, they are being kept in the main kitchen (Not Grandma’s) and the utility. They are all very adventurous so they did not like being limited!

It’s all nearly done now and hopefully my Grandma enjoys it!


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